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Your Cognac: Vintage Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne

7 March 2012 6 Comments

A reader has submitted a Vintage bottle of Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne Cognac, to know more about it.

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!

Name of bottle: Courvoisier V.S.O.P

Written on labels: Courvoisier, The Brandy of Napoleon, VSOP Fine Champagne

Story: I received this bottle from my father.

Information: We as cognac-experts found out that this bottling comes from the 1950s. The quality of the Courvoisier VSOP was supposedly very good in these years. Also this VSOP used Fine Champagne Cognac, just like nowadays with the modern variant of the Courvoisier VSOP.

Worth: this bottle is worth about $100-150. Because good quality, 60 years old and a large fan-base.

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  • roman said:

    if you have a bottle for sale please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com with a picture and info. thanks

  • Jim said:

    Hi, are you still interested in a bottle of Courvoisier Cognac fine champagne V.S.O.P.
    I have a bottle from an collection in it’s box.

  • sue said:

    I have this bottle shown above completely sealed in original box for sale

  • Lee mclaughlin said:

    Hi everyone my grandmother has handed down to me a 60 year old bottle of courvoisier and a bottle of Hennessy. I have researched them at auction and they have sold for £2000 recently.

    I’m looking to sell both vintage collectors bottles as I no longer require collecting them.

    Email for pictures and I can send immediately.


  • Raphael Wong said:

    I have 2 bottles of the wine- from my late father . I was clearing the store cupboard that there were 2 bottles of these wines.

    I wonder how much the wine is worth now?

    Anybody interested , can pm me.

  • Matt said:

    Hi I have one of these in excellent condition in opened obviously contact for more info. mattwilkin@icloud.com

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