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Your Cognac: Rouyer Guillet 1865 (US Navy bottle)

22 March 2012 7 Comments

Here comes an very old vintage Rouyer Guillet from 1865 with wrapped wire bottle, the owner is looking for some more information and a buyer….

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Name of bottle: Rouyer Guillet 1865

Written on labels: Rouyer Guillet & Cie, Fine Champagne
Story: The bottle was a wedding gift to my father, who has been married for 38 years.  It was gifted by his father, who acquired it through the military, which is indicated by a “US NAVY” stamp which indicates it was shipped through those channels. I don’t know much about it, but I think it’s a cool bottle, and we’re interested in selling it to a party that’s more interested in cognac than we are, and that can appreciate it.

Worth: Old Liquors is selling the exact same bottle from the same year only with Grande Champagne ($3.900) content. Because Grande Champagne is much more valuable with old rare Cognac like this one, we think this Cognac is worth between $2.500 and $3.000.

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  • roman said:

    if you have a bottle for sale please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com with a picture and info. thanks

  • benita said:

    Hey I got a bottle I want sold please put your offers down

  • Mike nguyen said:


  • Mike nguyen said:


  • Jim Collins said:

    I have such a bottle but without the wire. Since it has been in my possession it has been on its side in a year-round cool cellar. I received as a gift 30 years as a gift.

    I live in Pittsburgh.

  • Angela said:

    I Have a miniture Rouyer Grande Reserve. It beloged to my Auntie. She bought it in 1952 from the last inn at Lands End it has a small lable round its neck stating this. it has evaporated and is only 2 thirds full. It states 15 years old? but it is now older than me. What can you tell me about it? does it have a value.

  • joe brenner brenner said:

    have bottle with wire, with wax on top, in box it was sold in, would sell for fair price.will forward pictures

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