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Your Cognac: Prunier Extra Galleon – Ship Carafe

13 May 2012 14 Comments

We received some pictures from a reader of the Prunier Extra Galleon / Galion.  The carafe is stunning, with the looks of an sailing ship.

The quality inside should be one of the best, according to the “Extra” in the name. The Extra-quality is XO+.

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!

Name of bottle: Galleon Extra

Written on labels: Cognac  GALION EXTRA Maison  Produit de France  700ml 40% alc./vol Embouteillé et expédié PRUNIER S.A.Cognac, France

Story: The owner found this bottle in the warehouse of a compulsive buyer.

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  • Dominic said:

    i have a bottle exactly the same…wath is the value of this bottle..never open

  • micheline simard said:

    J’aimerais savoir le prix

  • Lou said:

    I have a bottle of Cognac Galleon Extra (Ship) from la Maison Prunier, there is a blue and gold tag that says Jacques Cartier 450ieme Anniversaire attached to the neck of the bottle. Never been open and I would like to know the value?

  • robert castillous said:

    malheureusement ce cognac na pas une très grande valeur malgré la beauté de sa carafe celle ci n’est pas en crystal et la qualité de son contenu est plus que ordinaire.Je vous suggere donc de conserver cette bouteille plus pour son l(ook) que pour sa valeur….+\- 50€

  • Dominic said:

    Pas plus que sa … J’ai la même bouteille

  • Johnny said:

    Contact Prunier, I have the same bottle. It’s from the late 60’s to early 70’s. That’s all they told me. I am thinking of contacting a auction house or even cracking it on my bucks night! All i know is it is rare as shit!

  • Luke said:

    I have the same bottle.
    Mine has the original tag around the neck too. I would love to know what its worth.

  • Annuaire web said:

    Very nice Bottle !!

  • julie lin said:

    I have the same bottle and would love to know the value

  • claude de nobile said:

    Comment savoir le prix pour un cognac gallon gallon extra

  • Luke said:

    I also have a bottle of this, got it from my grandfather.

  • James R said:

    I also have one of these purchased in the 70’s from a swap meet
    and when I got it, it had the stopper which was in the shape of a flag but have since lost that but the decanter is still unopened.
    Value I would love to know but would guesstimate at a couple of hundred bucks.
    Love to know what it tastes like but don’t want to open it !!

  • T-Man said:

    I have the same bottle, stopper, and box as the one in the following link.
    This price seems low, so I’m gonna hold on to mine for a little longer.

  • Emile said:

    These won’t appreciate in value that much. Produced in large quantities and more money went into the bottle.

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