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Your Cognac: old 5 Star Hine Cognac

13 May 2012 4 Comments

Today we received some pictures from a reader who has an very old bottle of Hine 5-star Cognac. This is the predecessor  of the modern Hine VSOP and imported by 21 Brands Inc, New York.

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Name of bottle: Hine Cognac T. Hine & Co.

Written on labels: Hine Cognac, Distilled and Bottled by T. Hine & Co.  Established 1763 Imported by “21” Brands, Inc 84 proof  “This product was accompanied when imported by an “acquit Regional Jaune d’ Or” issued by the French Goverment, indicating that this grape brandy was distilled in the Cognac Region of France.

Story: The readers husband was left the bottle from his grandfather.

 The Hine bottle is for sale, and the reader would like to know more about its value and background.

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  • roman said:

    this is a nice old bottle, 50’s or 60’s i belive the level is a bit low but the tags are very nice, if the rest of it as nice as the tag it is worth about $100-$150

  • Shelly Wood said:

    I also have a bottle of the 5 star Hine Cognac Established 1763 by 21 brands, and 84 proof. same lable as the above page. The bottle is open and is about 3 quarters full. Is my bottle worth anything with it being open? the lable is in great shape alittled yellowed thats it. Please let me know. Thanks, Shelly

  • Jeff said:

    I also have the same bottle as listed above. Bottle is exactly as shown above and is in excellent condition.How much is this bottle worth.established 1763 and 84 proof. Produce of france. 21 brands inc.New York. Contents one gallon.how much is this bottle worth empty.

  • Sohail said:

    I have a whole case, 12 bottles, was sitting in the basement for 60 -70 years. I opened one to make sure it was ok. IT IS AMAZING ! WOULD LIKE TO FIND OUT WHAT IT’S WORTH.
    I can be reached through my website or e-mail
    Thank you

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