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Your Cognac: Napoleon VSOP without any brand

17 April 2012 5 Comments

A reader has a bottle of Napoleon VSOP with no sign of any brand on the bottle, unfortunately we don’t know the brand either. If you know some more about this bottle, please let us know!


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Name of bottle: Napoleon VSOP

Written on labels:Cognac Napoleon VSOP Fivestars Medailles d’or vieille reserve produit de france

Story: The owner received it from a friend. There is no sign of any brand on the bottle. So the owner don’t know what kind of Cognac this is. Hopefully you can help him.

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  • thesophsiticatedcollector said:


    i´ll take a picture in our super markets, I think it is a line sold in Germany…

    i´ll keep you updated on the weekend

  • william ng said:

    from he logo, it might be from Camus brand I guess so. if any body correct me if I am wrong.

  • MCTF said:

    100 % Camus, otherwise they have problems using the Camus logo on top of the bottle

  • MCTF said:

    Oops, forget the 100 % (i’m not sure either)

  • Fons Nijssen said:

    My father got this cognac as a present in the early eighties. It was exactly the same bottle as in the picture. It was sold in the Netherlands and tasted very well.

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