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Your Cognac: Martell Cordon Noir Napoleon

1 November 2012 9 Comments

A reader found a Martell Cordon Noir Napoleon bottle among various other bottles in a box, in the living room, while cleaning the Mexico City family home for sale. Interestingly, it has a serial number stamped, stating that it was a limited distribution edition. The containing box is a little damaged, but the bottle is sealed.

Martell Cordon Noir is assembled from 15-20 year old cognac from the 4 best Cru’s, created in the 1980′s for the duty-free market. This bottle is the 1st edition, a 2nd edition was launched in the 1990′s which was discontinued in the same decade.

Name of bottle: Martell Cordon Noir Napoleon

Written on labels: Cordon Noir Napoleon Cognac Produced and bottled by Martell & Co Cognac, France 80 proof  Cordon Noir Napoleon is a blend of very old Cognacs. They have aged in  Martell’s warehouses and have been carefully selected to ensure that the famous Martell tradition, which goes back more than 250 years, is faithfully preserved. Because of the rareness of this blend it is necessary to limit its distribution. Produced and bottled in Cognac, France. Sole distributors for the USA, The Jos Garneau C. NY, NY. This bottle is number 002422

Age: created in the 1980′s for the duty-free market

Value: The bottle might be worth 100-200 Euro for a collector.


The seller is open to discuss selling this bottle, so please submit you interest below so we can bring the buyers and seller together!

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your Cognac bottle!

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  • Tron said:

    I liked buy this bottle, please contact me on buymartell@hotmail.com

  • Rachael Atlee said:

    I have a very similar bottle. Serial Number stamped on the back EN4203 any info? All text on bottle is in French.

  • Mike nguyen said:

    If you want to sale this bottle email me
    Best regard

  • Jan Løken said:

    I bought this bottle in 1984.
    It has been a Serial number on the bottle, men i am not able to
    see the hole number.
    Can anyone tell me the value of this bottle.

  • Alvin said:

    Hi, i have the same bottle with bottle no. EC9761. How much would this cost?

  • andre menard said:

    Je possède une bouteille de cognac MARTEL NAPOLEON CORDON NOIR reçue en cadeau au début des années 1980. Mon épouse voudrait s’en servir pour faire à manger. J’hésite à laisser faire. Que vaut cette bouteille aujourd’hui?

  • Kalkhoven.M said:

    Hallo,Today i bought a bottle cognac Cordon Noir Napoleon By Martell,in the Original box. Beautiful when i read the history of this botlled cognac,great to find in this condition. If somebody wants to buy it from me? send a message en i will answer you.

  • Fraser campbell said:

    i have a clear bottle of Cordon Noir in a clear bottle in a wooden case. i also have a bottle of Cordon Rubis, in the cardboard box, and a vsop medallion all for sale, as a lot sale or individually. Please email me with enquiries. Thanks, fraser

  • Milan said:

    I Have original bottle of Martel Napoleon Cognac Cordon Noir for sale.
    No IQ 4768

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