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Your Cognac: Louis XIII Age Inconnu ($70.000 Cognac recovered during demolition!)

12 March 2012 7 Comments

After receiving the Louis XIII Tres Vieille, for me it was waiting for the even more exclusive vintage Louis XIII Age Inconnu!

This Age Inconnu version is so special because it was bottled for the 1938 royal banquet at the opulent Château de Versailles that King George VI and Queen Elizabeth attended (parents of the current Queen of England).

Remy Martin themselves sold an Age Inconnu recently for a stunning $70.000,- at the DFS exhibit, that version is exactly the same as the submitted Age Inconnu bottle we received from our Submit your Cognac feature!

Name of bottle: Remy Martin Louis XIII  Tres Veille Age Inconnu

Written on labels: #35 Grande Champange Tres Veille Age Inconnu

Story: recovered during the demolition of a fire damaged building.

Age: bottled in 1938 for the Royal Banquet at the Château de Versailles.

The seller is open to discuss selling this bottle, so please submit you interest below so we can bring the buyers and seller together!


The carafe of cognac sold at the DFS exhibit was one of the few remaining in Rémy-Martin’s heritage cellars, which holds the “rarest and most delicate eaux-de-vie” in the brand’s collection since it was first bottled in 1874. Unfortunately Reémy Martin didn’t reveal how many bottles remain in the heritage cellars.

Packaging: The crystal carafe of cognac comes with some history. It is based on the design of a 16th-century metal flask, says Mr. Depardon, discovered by a vine grower in 1850 in a battlefield near Cognac, the French town from which the spirit draws its name. For the sale, the decanter was placed in a jewelry box made from lacquered rosewood and leather embossed with an ostrich-skin pattern.

Ingredients: More than 1,200 brandies were blended to form this cognac. The ugni blanccolombard and folle blanc grapes used to make them were harvested in the Grande Champagne area, which Mr. Depardon says possesses the “most prestigious” vineyards in Cognac.

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  • mike wisniewski said:

    Did this bottle sell? If so, what was the price…asking or selling or both?

  • Rémy Martin Louis XIII Age Inconnu for sale! said:

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  • Another Louis XIII Age Inconnu said:

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  • Emilie said:

    How much are you selling this for?

  • Mr. C. Martin said:

    Louis XIII Tres Vieille Age Inconnu – Carafe #10


  • Mike Wisniewski said:

    Have any of these RM Age Inconnu bottles sold? If so, how much was paid?

    E-mail is

  • Michael said:

    This article is mostly hype…

    1. The bottles were not bottled for the 1938 banquet. This type of cognac was indeed served at the banquet and all Louis XIII bottles sold between 1938 and 1957 carry a card stating this. In 1958 the card was updated to include the second banquet (1957) where it was again served this time for Queen Elizabeth.

    2. Remy Martin sold a Louis XIII for $70,000 at a Hong-Kong charity event they sponsored. This sale reflects well on the generosity of a wealthy Chinese donor but not at all the value of the bottle in question. The realistic value of the bottle that was sold is no more than $10,000 and probably a lot less. I own numerous Louis XIII bottles including a handful of pre-1957 “Age Inconnu” with the 1938 card. They are worth nowhere near $10,000 much less $70,000. I have never paid over $5,000 for one.

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