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Your Cognac: Les Caves Maxim’s de Paris – Reserve du Prince Eugene

6 December 2012 3 Comments

A reader submitted photo’s of a rare late 1890’s / early 1900’s bottling from the prestigious cellars of the great Parisian restaurant: Les Caves Maxim’s de Paris. The label is wonderful! The bottle got a unknown shoulder button and includes the original paper box. The level of bottle is at the bottom of the bottle’s shoulder. The owners wants to know the value.

Name of bottle: Grande Fine Champagne Reserve du Prince Eugene

Written on labels: Les Caves Maxim’s de Paris 80 Proof 4/5 Quart The Alfred Hart Company Grande Fine Champagne Reserve du Prince Eugene

Story: Got it from a friend.

Value according to us: €1.500-2.500,-. Content level is great, Grande Champagne quality, paper box available. Bottle is reasonable state.

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Article from www.Calvados.de

This cognac has been bottled between 1890 and the early 1900s especially for the Maxims’s Restaurant in Paris. I like this beautiful label! The bottle is in top condition – perfect filling level. The cognac must have been distilled in the 19th century or… Maybe earlier?

I found a text online concerning a dinner which took place in 1971 with the Shah of Persia and 600 guests (neither the Shah nor the guest list had ever been my favourite politicians). The dinner was part of an event celebrating 2500 years of Monarchy, and it had been one of the greatest celebrations ever! This celebrations costs where estimated about 100-300 million US-$ and this event was somehow the beginning of the end of the Shah.

If you read the menu, you can imagine that this cognac was the best availableworldwide in 1971 – maybe the best cognac ever. I would not be surprised if it has been distilled in the 18th century. And I could imagine that the few bottles which later occured worldwide have been the ones which had not been opened.

Persepolis, Oct 14, 1971: “The meal was cooked and served by a staff of 180 drawn from Maxim’s of Paris, the Palace Hotel, St. Moritz, and the Hotel de Paris, Monte Carlo, working under the supervision of M. Vaudable, the owner of Maxim’s. The menu has already become a legend and one of some importance because it could be damaging politically to the Shah. It consisted of quails eggs stuffed with golden imperial caviar (Champagne an Chateau de Saran); mouse of crayfish tails (Haut Brion Blanc, 1964); Roast saddle of lamb with truffles (Chateau Lafite Rothschild, 1945); sorbet of Moet et Chandon, 1922; fifty peacocks with tail feathers restored, encompassed by roasted quail and served with nut and truffle salad (Musigny Conte de Vogue, 1945), fresh figs with cream in raspberries and port wine (Dom Perrignon, 1959, reserve vintage), coffee and cognac Prince Eugene.”


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  • Patrick said:


    I might be interested in your bottle. Please feel free to contact me at pcruise2000@gmail.com. Thanks.

  • Roslyn said:

    I have bottle specially selected for PanAm Chateau Saint Jean De La Pinede A.O.S any value

  • BONNAL Louis said:

    Ancien négociant en spiritueux , je détiens des bouteilles vides destinées à recevoir du Cognac Napoléon avec l’empreinte “N” dans le verre, datées de la moitié du 19eme siecle et suis vraiment désolé car elles n’interessent pas les producteurs de cette eau-de-vie.Ce quio est un comble car elles sont authentiques Je les ai trouvées abandonnées dans un entrepôt situe dans le site de Bercy.

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