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Your Cognac: J. Caillette 3 stars

4 March 2012 One Comment

With the new feature on Cognac Fans: Submit Your Cognac Bottle, you are able to submit your Cognac bottle, if you would like to know some more information,  the value or it’s age…

Today we received an Cognac, we never heard about before. Hopefully some of our readers can tell more about this bottle/brand.

Name of bottle: J.Caillette Paris

Written on labels: 3 stars , COGNAC Very Old J. caillette PARIS, Ce Cognac est le produit authentique, tres vieux, des vins distilles dans le pays d’origine CHARENMTE (France) Net Contents 1 Pint 9 Fl. Oz Alchohol Strength 45% by Volume Made and Botled In france

Story: The bottle and two others were purchased at an estate sale in detroit.  The Estate was owned by Mrs Eleanor Barns who was deceased by her husband and parents Anthony and Minerva Maiolo of Detroit.

The Maiolo’s wer wealth people of the prohibition years and had ammassed a large collection of wines ports and liquors.  An estate sale was held when Eleanor died several years ago and we found ourselves at this estate and purchased up as much of the liquor that was still available.  In this collection was a few bottles of this J. Caillette Cognac that we have been unable to find anything about due to it rarity.The bottle is hand blown and of a pale green tinge.

Our reader would like to sell this J. Caillette 3 stars Cognac. If you have anything to say about this Cognac – please go for it!

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  • Freddy Garcia said:

    Need find this cognac for my father.

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