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Your Cognac: Hennessy VSOP Reserve

26 April 2012 10 Comments

Today we received an bottle from a reader, the readers father bought the bottle during the Vietnam war which ended in 1975.  This bottle is with the reader in Saigon and he is wondering how much this one is worth.

 (If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit).


Name of bottle: Hennessy Cognac VSOP Reserve

Written on labels: VSOP Reserve, Hennessy Cognac, Established in 1765, Product of France, 80 Proof

Story: My father bought this bottle during the Vietnam war which ended in 1975. This bottle is now with me in Saigon and I am wondering how much this one is worth.

The seller is open to discuss selling this Hennessy bottle, if you are interested in buying, please give a first price offer below, also if you have some background information you would like to share,  please don’t hesitate!

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  • Don Henny said:


    This cognac came in green glass. From the late 1960/70’s in formats 3cl-70&75cl-1L & 1,5L(others possible but don’t know for sure) was produced until the 1980’s.

    Age 6-15yrs old. Sometimes label shows Grande Fine Champagne underneath VSOP Réserve

    Value about 100euro

  • roman said:

    if you wish to sell a bottle please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com thanks

  • Paul said:

    I am interest in this bottle. If you are in Saigon, you can sell it to me for martket price $80-$120 depend on condition

  • Paul said:

    I am interest in this bottle. If you are in Saigon, you can sell it to me for martket price $80-$120 depend on condition
    email me at pxngo@yahoo.com

  • Jack said:


    Is this still available? I am interested. Please email me. thank you.

  • Stimming said:

    Hi there I actually HAVE a AS NEW bottle of Hennessy Cognac v.s.o.p.- reserve out of the Year/bought 1960 !!!!!! to SELL. The bottle (0.7 l.)is unopened/sealed & like new one – but without box…
    Interested ???
    mail me v.stimming@googlemail.com

    p.s.: what about an sealed Bottle Myers Rum 1980 ( 1 litre) produced for Naafi-STORES SO RARE !!!

  • Wilson said:

    Vsop hannessy reserve,how mush the price now.?

  • Wilson said:

    Vsop hannessy 1765,how mush the price now.?1 have 2 bottle..

  • Wilson said:

    Vsop hannessy 1765, I have 2 bottle..

  • Jordan said:

    I have an unopened bottle of the VSOP reserve Green Barrel. Again unopened and still with original seal across the cork, it’s even got a serial number on the seal. It came from a spirits distributing company out of NYC. They were an authorized seller. The bottle is a bit dusty as it was stored on a cellar for many years. Willing to sell

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