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Your Cognac: Hennessy Cognac Timeless Miniature

2 August 2012 4 Comments

One of our reader has a miniature bottle of Hennessy Timeless, one of the most expensive Cognacs Hennessy ever made. Also this Cognac is very rare because the use of some exceptional vintage eaux-de-vie that mark the 20th century .

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Name of bottle: Hennessy Timeless

Written on labels: Hennessy Cognac Timeless 43.5% alc/vol. (87proof) 50ml JAs Hennessy & CO

Story of owner: Story was giving to me from a friend who received it as a gift 10 years ago.  I believe it was originally bought for $250 but I have not found these anywhere and when I go to liquor stores they have never seen it.  I have it on ebay now and the bids are extremely high.  I am thinking of holding on to it for myself.



“TIMELESS” eleven exceptional eaux-de-vie that mark the 20th century

1900 – 1918 – 1929 – 1939 – 1947 – 1953 – 1959 – 1961 – 1970 – 1983 – 1990


Hennessy Timeless was created in 23 November 1999 to showcase the company’s past and look forward to the future promised by the new Millennium. Timeless was limited to 2000 bottles that sold out almost immediately on release as collectors and connoisseurs alike scrambled to get one of the precious bottles. Hennessy “Timeless” is composed of eleven Hennessy eaux-de-vie, which were all ranked exceptional from the day they entered the Hennessy cellars — which house the largest reserves of old cognacs in the world. These eaux-de-vie were tested each year by the Hennessy cellar master. As part of the Hennessy ” Grandes Réserves ” or ” Ancien Stock “, the eaux-de-vie were aged separately and only in older barrels which had lost most of their tannin. These housed were in the Hennessy cellars situated on the banks of the river Charente. These are relatively humid cellars which favour a very gradual reduction in the alcohol content of the cognac. “Timeless” has an alcohol level of 43.5% as opposed to the usual 40 % for cognac.


The beautiful pebble-shaped crystal decanter for Hennessy Timeless was designed by Thomas Bastide of Baccarat, France’s most prestigious crystal house. Captured in an eye-catching steel frame, the Timeless decanter caused a sensation on release and is today recognised as a genuine design classic that many have sought to emulate, but most have failed to achieve.


Colour: Luminous golden colour and exceptionally bright for such a cognac. Each eau-de-vie in ‘Timeless’, through its extraordinary quality and ageing potential, has benefited from being aged in barrels with a very low tannin content. Only this type of ageing favours the perfect, natural blossoming of aromas of those eaux-de-vie which are suited to a long ageing period.


Aromas: Delightful aromatic bouquet, a blend of fresh floral and fruit aromas quickly giving way to the headier scents of cinnamon and spices.


On the palate: An astonishing balance born of the marriage of lively sharp fruit flavours and the more complex notes of antique leather, oak and pepper. A very harmonious combination with good length.

Learn more about the house of Hennessy Cognac.

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  • Mike nguyen said:

    If you want to sale email me

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    If you want to sale it please contract me

  • Lilah Marr said:

    Hello there,
    I have also a miniature Hennessy Cognac Timeless boxed un opened full in excellent condition l wish to sell anyone interested?

    Please contact me Lilah Marr

    email lilahmarr@aol.com

  • Frank chiaramonte said:

    I have qty 2 hennessy timeless mini bottles for sale
    Contact me if interested was planning to post them
    Online .


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