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Your Cognac: Hennessy Cognac – Blend Sample 1970

7 November 2012 8 Comments

From a reader we received a photo of possibly one of the most interesting Cognacs we received so far; a 1970 Blend Sample of Hennessy. It’s a Hennessy single blend sample which is never released for sale. This sample combined with other blend samples at the time would have been blended for the finished product that year.

Name of bottle: Hennessy Cognac – Blend Sample

Written on labels: Hennessy Cognac, Blend Sample, 1970, Not For Sale, Jas Hennessy & Co 16100 Cognac FRANCE.

Story: I received the bottle as a gift/prize whilst working for Hennessy in Australia.  I know there are not many of these sample bottles still around. Un-opened.

Value: very difficult, any ideas?

If you are interested, the owner is open to discuss selling this bottle, so please submit you interest below so we can bring the buyers and seller together!

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your Cognac bottle!


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  • John said:

    I am interested in the bottle, how much is this person asking for the bottle? Please email me jmikhou@yahoo.com

  • Don Henny said:

    Hi, I’m a Hennessy collector. I’m interested in the bottle.
    Grtz Don Henny

  • Cognac said:

    Hello, I’m interest your bottle, please email to

  • Ell said:

    Hello, Please feel free to contact me directly with regards to the bottle. I am looking to sell and am open to offers.


  • bruno said:


    I can propose to you 900€ for the bottle

    let me know!



  • Dominic said:

    Bonjour j ai une bouteille de cognac Galion Galleon Extra en forme de bateau (voilier) 700 ml

    il y a aussi une carte (retenu par une corde au bouchon) qui dit Jacques Cartier 450ieme Anniversaire Cognac Prunier et la photo de Jacques cartier.

    La bouteille n’a jamais été ouverte et elle est intact..

    pouvez vous me dire plus d’info sur cette bouteille… c est exactement la meme que celle que vous avez commenter sur le site

    bien a vous

    Montreal Quebec Canada

  • Ell said:

    Bonjour Bruno,

    Please contact me directly via my email ells1686@hotmail.com if you have interest.



  • Dominic said:

    Dominic … Combien t’as t’il offert pour la bouteille en forme de voilier, car j’ai la même 🙂

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