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Your Cognac: Grande Fine Champagne Reserve 1802 (Fake?)

5 December 2012 7 Comments

A reader send us a vintage E.Piercel de Saint-Jacques Grande Fine Champagne Reserve from 1802! That should be 210 years old…

While browsing on the internet I found eight identical bottles on one Mexican website. See the Photo’s below… Based on this offering but also on the label, the content, the seal and state of preservation, this bottle do not looks like it is 210 years old…

Personally my assumption is that this bottle is a replica / fake bottle. What do you think?

Name of bottle: Cognac Napoleon 1802

Written on labels: Grande Fine Champagne Reserve 1802 – E.Piercel de Saint-Jacques  Ce produit provient de la province de champagne (France) Pierre Celestine, de la Maison de Saint Jacques, reserve 1802, etait le four nisseur officiel de l’empereur Napoleon 1er

Story: I inherited it from my father and he himself inherited it from his father who came from Austria.

The owner is willing to sell this bottle, interested? Please respond below.

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!


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  • françois said:

    Unfortunately, I can confirm this is a well known Mexican-made fake. Hundreds of these were made, and they regularly show up on the internet. The guy who wrote the label on the back of the bottle didn’t even bother to proofread his text: the French word “officiel” (means “official”) has a typo and becomes “officel” on the label. All in all, this is worth close to nothing.

  • Wouter (author) said:

    Hi François, thanks so much for confirming my suspicion!

  • paul said:

    can someone tell me how you can tell a fake louis xiii bottle? i have purchased a couple of them online recently. they all seem to be different. some have the gold band and some do not. also the amounts on the bottom range from .70L to .78L

  • ciemiega said:

    je suis en possession d’une bouteille de cognac napoléon,
    E.PIERCEL DE SAINT- JACQUES avec un filet et plombé au culot pour la quantité je pense 3 litres!!
    merci de bien vouloir me donner des renseignements sur ce produit

  • robert said:

    is fake i have one of 1802 is not the same im from mexico and my bottle have lead in the top and that bottle dont have anything is imposible that he had full of liquor bottle

    give me a mail and i will send you my bottle thanks sorry for my bad english lol

  • sam said:

    a fake wouldn’t have a typo. Fakes are true to form. a typo does not eliminate but affirms its authenticity.

  • Oscar said:

    Hi, I have one for at least 30 years, even been a fake does it have any value? . Is it safe to drink?.
    Thanks a lot.

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