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Your Cognac: Golden Courvoisier Napoleon Cour Imperiale

23 November 2012 7 Comments

A reader send us photo’s of a golden Courvoisier Napoleon Cour Imperiale. Awesome bottle! The cracks in the “gold” are original.

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!

Name of bottle: Courvoisier Napoleon cour imperiale


Written on labels: Courvoisier Napoleon Cognac cour imperliale, Courvoisier (in cursive), The brand of Napoleon, Produce of France, No. s2241, the back label is entirely in an asian language.

Story: The owner’s sister and her new husband moved into a family home and not being drinkers they gave the owner the spirits they found stored in the basement.  This bottle was one of those.  It looks well traveled as the back label is written in what appears to be a Chinese dialect.

Value: about $100,-

The seller is open to discuss selling this Courvoisier bottle, if you are interested in buying, please give a first price offer below, also if you have some background information you would like to share,  please don’t hesitate!


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  • roman said:

    i would like to make you an offer

  • Courvoisier employee said:

    Hi, be careful, that bottle of Napoléon is “collector”, ideed, that bottle was edited exclusively for chinese market and the process to obtain cracks in gold is not possible anymore (too old, and law not allow companies to do it anymore because of EN, ISO and ASTM) ! that bottle will never be edited like that ! so I think the price is a little under estimate 😉

  • maureen martin said:

    Hi I have one for sale, number A8176 ALSO in chinese, any offers

  • Tina Vitale said:

    I have this bottle as well and would like to sell it. Any offers will be considered.

  • Loc N said:

    I would like to offer your bottle at 125 and you ship it to Houston TX. Also, would you please tell me about the level of cognac inside the bottle. thanks

  • richard said:

    I have this bottle, unfortunately it is nearly empty. What version of Courvoisier comes closest to the quality of the cognac that came in this bottle, i.e.; Courvoisier Napoleon Cour Imperiale? I want to buy another of the same taste and quality.

    Also, can I expect to find this cognac cheaper in Europe? or Asia? or the Carribbean?


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