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Your Cognac: Courvoisier Napoleon from the King of Iran

28 April 2012 12 Comments

We received an bottle from a reader we already reviewed before, the Courvoisier Napoleon! this time the bottle got an awesome story! The bottle was a present from the Shah of Iran (Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī) in the early 1970’s  from his private cellar. Awesome story isn’t?

(If you also have a Cognac bottle you would like to sell, or you need information about age or value – send us photos and information, just submit).

Name of bottle: Courvoisier Napoleon

Written on labels: nombre limite  no. F6756, fournisseur brevette, SIER FRANCE

Story: The Courvoisier bottle the reader would like to sell, was a present from the Shah of Iran in the early 1970’s Mohammad Rezā Shāh Pahlavī from his private cellar.
The bottle has not been opened and was kept in a box in a pantry under ideal conditions in Romania, Bucharest.

Here is some information from Courvoisier on this Napoleon bottle.
Our Napoleon quality was created in the beginning of the 1900’s and is still produced. This is a blend of matured Grande and Petite Champagne, at their peak.

 Value: very difficult because of the awesome story, also never seen the stamp Exembre Limite (number 6756) on a bottle till so far… Otherwise the bottle should be worth about $80,-

The seller is open to discuss selling this Courvoisier bottle, if you are interested in buying, please give a first price offer below, also if you have some background information you would like to share,  please don’t hesitate!

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  • bill said:

    I was gifted a bottle of this same cognac back in 1980 and its still sealed in its box. Has same label but the number is AL6262. Is it still drinkable?

  • roman said:

    if you wish to sell a bottle please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com thanks

  • shawn said:

    if still available, please contact me . shawniiiii@yahoo.com

  • R. Curtis said:

    I have a bottle like the one shown here except that, beneath the sticker “by appointment,etc..) is a circular raised ring depression in the bottle itself with an eagle inside the ring. The nombre limite is EA1739. The bottom of the label beneath the twist design shows ‘contents 24.6 oz. Coourvoisier 16-Jarnac-France 40% alcohol per volume. Is this bottle valuable? I could find nothing like it offered for sale. I received it as a gift from an estate sale. I would love to know its age and its value. Thank you

  • Red said:

    I have a sealed bottle of Napoleon Courvoisier in its original box (box has some shelf wear) — Nombre Limite No: RR 4891 — imported by W.A. Taylor & Co., Miami … for sale. Please make offer if interested. Thank you.

  • mario said:

    scusatemi ma da quel che leggo questo sito aiuta ben poco anzi manda fuori pista…. queste bottiglie si trovano in bar ed enoteche anche per 30 euro.. e non sono per niente di numero limitato..

  • Adrian Voice said:

    I have a bottle of Courvoisier Napoleon Congnac that looks exactly like the one pictured above but with the No WA3005. It has been in the cupboard in its box and still sealed for the past 20/30 years. Could you tell me the age and its worth if sold. Many thanks

  • Your Cognac: COURVOISIER NAPOLEON COGNAC BRANDY | Daily Cognac said:


  • Javier said:

    hello, I have the same bottle of Napoleon curvoisier never opened in original box to sell
    nombre limite gm6047
    I would like to send a photo
    thank you

  • Chris said:

    Would you accept $100?

  • Keith said:

    I have a 1 oz. bottle (sealed) of Napoleon cognac as pictured above, bought at a high end estate sale. Nombre Limite is blank! Not sure if they only put numbers on large bottles. It is for sale if anyone would like to make an offer.

  • Agnieszka Waliszewska said:

    i have a un opened bottle of Napoleon fine Champagne Conac wit number ck 1815.Could you write to me how much it may be worth?
    Thank you

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