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Your Cognac: 1914 Finest Old Cognac brandy

30 April 2013 6 Comments

1914 Finest Old Cognac brandyA reader sent us a bottle of 1914 Finest Old Cognac brandy with a beautiful label. Unfortunately no information could be found about the producer on the label, who knows anything more about this bottle?

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Name of bottle: 1914 Finest Old Cognac brandy

Written on labels: Imported by dymock howden

Story: I found this bottle when I was looking for treasures with my grandfather (who is from England) in his house. I came along this bottle that immediately took my attention. I asked where my grandfather got it from, he told me during the war he fell in love with my grandmother so he stayed in Belgium. But he couldn’t get a job because he was from England so he worked a couple of years for a old rich Jewish lady.

When she passed away he got many things of value maybe this bottle of cognac is one of them? Ever sins then I have been looking all across the internet looking for the same one but i can’t find it anywhere so i really hope you can tell me something about it.

The owner is open to discuss selling this bottle.

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  • roman said:

    This bottle is from England and is from the 50’s era, dymock howden & co. was a store in Edinburgh. if the bottle is full and sealed i would be interested in buying it

  • OrangeB said:

    Hello, I have one of these now, full and unopened. Anyone interested?

  • roman said:

    i am, where are you located?

  • Daniel said:

    Anyone still have one interested in selling?

  • Bruce said:

    I have one of these. Mail me if interested

  • Wout said:

    Hey I am the owner of the bottle I didnt now it was on the website until know I am still selling it it is sealed and never opend

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