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Your bottle: Hennessy Bras D’Or Golden Barrel

7 May 2012 5 Comments

Today we received an awesome Hennessy Bras D’Or Golden Barrel bottle! We searched and we searched but couldn’t find anything about it… Who could help the owner with the age and an possible valuation of this golden barrel?

Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!


Name of bottle: Hennessy Bras D’Or
Story: The owner bought this barrel last week from his aunt.  It has been in her basement for years.
Quality: Qualité Napoléon : Also called “Bras d’Or”. In this one, eaux-de-vie used are younger than those used in X.O.

Our reader would consider to sell, please comment below if you are interested or want to buy. If you have information about this Cognac – such as cru, age or similar, please let us know below.

P.s. Also on the Cognac Forum an Hennessy Bras D’Or Golden Barrel was posted….


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  • roman said:

    if you would like to sell your bottle please email me at curly6t9@yahoo.com thanks

  • Don Henny said:

    I’m a Hennessy collector i’m interested in buying

  • Terry Celeste said:

    I don’t know ie you have sold the keg of Hennessy, but it is about 50 years old. Do you have the box? That would make it much more desirable. It would be worth several hundred dollars.

  • Jennifer said:

    I have a brand new sealed and in the box mint condition bras d’or gold barrel. I would like to know a little more about it, and possibly looking for a buyer. I can be contacted via e-mail jennythehha@yahoo.com please put a subject title regarding this post.

  • richard said:

    I have the exact bottle with the case and never been opened. Im curious to know what it is worth.

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