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Warming a Cognac in the Glass?

21 January 2012 No Comment

It is widely believed that it is correct to warm the Cognac contained in a balloon glass in the hollow of the hand. There is even an element of snobbery attaching to the procedure.

Professional tasters, while allowing everyone to drink his Brandy as he pleases, disapprove strongly this method.

It has, indeed, one serious disadvantage: the more superior it’s quality, the more strongly does the warmed brandy give off a powerful aroma which induces a real anesthesia of the faculties of taste and smell.

The balloon glass, with it’s funnel-effect, accentuates still more this regrettable effect.

Warming a balloon glass in the hollow of the hand is of use only to bring out the quality of second-rate brandies, which an aroma may be thus be forced.

A good brandy like Rémy Martin VSOP contains subtle perfumes which can be inhaled and appreciated even when be iced.

As Cognac Experts we suggest to connoisseurs this test to genuine quality which consists of drinking brandy only in glasses of which has been chosen by professional tasters.

These Cognac Tulip style glasses are almost straight, and tall enough to be used only a third full, leaving the top free to colelct the most subtle and gratifying vapours.

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