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Want To Stay Healthy? Sip On Some Cognac

30 May 2010 4 Comments

Cognac is one of the finest drinks when it comes to your health. There is a reason it is also called “the healing drink” or “the live water.” Please note that as with anything else this is when consumed in moderation. Think of it as a pill that might help you relieve some pain. You can take one or two and it will help you with your pain, but if you consume more than you should, it will have an adverse affect.

Lets go ahead and see why cognac is one of the best drinks when it comes to your health.

1. Cognac is rich in polyphenol which occur naturally in grapes.

2. Cognac is a pure product. It is low in natural sugar and is free of any other additives.

3. The older cognac such as XO cognac are considered to have great health benefits since they are aged in oak barrels for many years. The ripening in the oak barrel helps cognac achieve its health benefits as well. Some constituents found in oak barrels such as ellagic acid can have a significant antioxidant effect.

4. If you ever get a cold, forget taking pills. Cognac helps widen blood vessels and relieves headaches.

5. If you drink cognac regularly (around 15 ml a day), it is said to protect you against heart diseases.

There are many other health reasons that are associated with cognac. But the ones mentioned above are some major ones.

Now that we have shared some health benefits of cognac, we would like to talk how cognac can use a proper mainstream image as a healthy drink. Hopefully, more cognac brands will take our suggestion and utilize this method to make cognac a drink even more people would love and enjoy.

People today are concerned about their health. People want healthy foods and a healthy way of living. Fast foods have started catering more towards the healthy eaters and so has the alcohol industry. When it comes to health, cognac is one of the best drinks that if taken in moderation can be of immense value. Cognac is called “the healing drink” for a reason, the reason being that it truly is a healing drink. U.S. is the largest cognac importer and African Americans enjoy a larger market share for cognac here in America. Approximately 60%-80% of cognac drinkers in US are African Americans. One of the ways it helped to reach and maximize this segment was due to the mentioning of cognac in famous rapper Busta Rhyme’s song “Pass The Courvoisier.” It was a great marketing approach and it has certainly proved to be beneficial.

Most cognac brands that are advertised show that cognac is for the rich and affluent people in society. Although it is considered a drink for the rich, it is also a drink for the healthy and for people who are less prone to buy a bottle of drink that may cost thousands of dollars. When rappers started singing about cognac and helped spread the word, the drink got popular among African Americans. Not only among the rich but among people that would like to drink a fine drink for a great price. There began a way for cognac to be seen as an affordable drink in someways.

Cognac still needs to be marketed to the middle class people and above all cognac needs to be marketed to the health conscious people. Isn’t this one of the reason why wines have seen such a huge increase in sales? We believe so. There are hundreds of benefits of cognac and it seems like cognac brands have yet to tap into that and use it as a marketing tool. If we could use another word to define cognac other than the finest drink we would have to say health. Yes, cognac and health go hand in hand.

May be cognac brands should focus more on benefits of cognac as a drink that is healthy rather than focusing mostly on price and the looks of it. The prices of some of the expensive cognac is justifiable given the fact that they have been aged for 30 plus years. But these drink that cost well over $2,000 dollars aren’t expensive simply because of the design of the bottle, they are expensive because they have huge health benefits which at times it seems like the brands forget to utilize as a way to market cognac. However, it needs to be noted that each and every cognac regardless of their price has high health benefits and we think it’s about time brands start making consumers aware of that.

We are doing our part to let others know that cognac is a healthy drink. A drink that can cure many diseases. Whether you’ve been a cognac drinker for years or have recently started enjoying it, help us spread the benefits of cognac and how it can help one stay healthy.

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