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Vintage Cognac Ads

2 February 2012 No Comment

Without proper marketing getting even the best product or content out among the masses is almost impossible. You can have the best product out there but if your marketing isn’t good it just doesn’t do your product or service any justice. Well, we are no marketing whiz here at cognacfans.com but we certainly know that marketing plays a vital role.

Cognac has seen a fair share of good marketing. One of the things that we love about past cognac advertisements is how they stay so true as compared to the ads today. They are right to the point and to be honest they are pretty nice to look at. Simple, clean and very appealing, at least to us. We mostly talk about other aspects of cognac like brands, drinking techniques and such but while going through some old ads we though we would feature some of these old ads today in this post. Cognac marketing certainly has come a long way.

Today we bring you 10 Vintage Cognac Advertisements and one that we created which is really simple but had to share.


Frick and Oldbergs Cognac Ad (1903)












Martell Cognac Ad (1925)













Martell Cognac Ad (1929)














Martell’s Three Star Cognac Ad (1934)













Three Star Hennessy Cognac (1936)













Courvoisier Cognac, The Brandy Of Napoleon (1948)













Remy Martin Cognac Ad (1953)














Hennessy Cognac Ad (1957)













Bisquit Cognac Ad (1971)











Courvoisier Cognac Xmas Ad (1975)

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