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Top 10 Cognac VSOP list 2010

19 December 2010 5 Comments

A few days ago I published a list of Top 10 XO Cognacs, now its the turn for the ultimate CognacFans VSOP 2010 Review list!

These Cognacs are not chosen because they are cool, trend-creating or innovative like Conjure, but because they really taste awesome!

For this list, I only selected VSOP Cognacs!

  1. Hine Rare Fine Champagne, great VSOP Cognac! With aroma’s of a high-end XO.
  2. Frapin VSOP – Grande Champagne, perfect Grande Champagne VSOP from a great brand.
  3. Prince Hubert de Polignac Reserve (VSOP) Grande Champagne, affordable and very tasty!
  4. Otard VSOP Fine Champagne, beautiful bottle and great Cognac!
  5. Ménard VSOP, very affordable Grande Champagne VSOP, unfortunately difficult to get.
  6. ABK6 VSOP Super Premium, delicous fruity Cognac, very tasteful in summer!
  7. H BY HINE – VSOP Cognac, cheaper than the first Hine, although also a VSOP.
  8. Rémy Martin VSOP, the best well known VSOP, Fine Champagne inside is delicious.
  9. Hennessy Fine de Cognac VSOP, great Cognac of Hennessy, much better than the VS-quality.
  10. Courvoisier Exclusif VSOP, new product of Courvoisier, handles very well with mixing.

Please tell us you’re comments on this list or your favourite VSOP Cognac!

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  • ABK6 Cognac said:

    ABK6 VSOP Super Premium is available on our new online shop!

  • Courvoisier VSOP - Cognac Fans, information and reviews said:

    […] of Napoleon in it. According to Courvoisier, Napoleon drank Courvoisier. The cognac Courvoisier VSOP Fine Champagne is a Cognac with a deep flavor and a smooth finish, composed of the two best crus […]

  • Kristian R. said:

    If I may add a short, humble contribuion to the matter. As an avid Scotch (neat or rocks… straight from cask w/a bit of filtered water) & Cognac (always neat, served in a snifter-not too big a glass however, don’t want an overwhelming nose) fan, especially Remy Martin VSOP or 1738 Royal Accord, aspiring spirit/cocktail historian and professional bartender/mixologist, I am always on the search for rare and exciting liquors and liqueurs (preferably before the big dollars have been spent on marketing and advertisement, which are then passed down to the end consumer). One such brand of Cognac (don’t quote me, but I believe was recently purchased by a Vietnamese company, but otherwise unchanged in production method, taste and bottling appearance) is: Decourtet VSOP. Difficult to find, but a “diamond in the rough” by any standard. Delicious and inexpensive, treat yourself to a case if you’re lucky enough to find it. Thanks for allowing my input, Kristian R. (Washington DC, Next Door Bar & Restaurant)

  • Charlie said:

    Exactly, That is a fine drink. Luckily for me, it’s readily accessible.

  • Bill Fraser said:

    Ditto on Decourtet. My favorite Cognac and very reasonably priced.

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