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The Ultimate Collection of Retro Alcohol Ads (70 Pics)

30 May 2010 No Comment

If you’ve been a regular visitor of cognac.com, you already know we are a big fan of old school advertisements. We have compiled advertisements related to alcohol and drunk driving in the past, but this time we have compiled a massive list of retro alcohol ads. Some of these you may have already seen, but we guarantee that you’ll find quite a few in this compilation that you haven’t seen. The reason we love the retro alcohol ads is because they are simple. They are elegant, and they do the job of advertising and sending the message across without  all the fluff that we see in modern advertising campaigns.

Well, enough with the talk. We know you are eager to get started. Here’s the ultimate collection of retro alcohol ads from the past. Enjoy!

Old Crow

Old Crow Vintage Alcohol Ad

Paul Jones

Paul Jones Vintage Alcohol Ad

Hampden Ale

Hampden Ale Vintage Alcohol Ad


Blatz Vintage Alcohol Ad

Booth’s Dry Gin

Booth's Vintage Alcohol Ad


Corby's Vintage Alcohol Ad

Grand Mariner

Grand Mariner Vintage Alcohol Ad

Miller High Life

Miller High Life Vintage Alcohol Ad


Heublein's Vintage Alcohol Ad


Seagram's Vintage Alcohol Ad


alcohol advertisement #1

Molson’s Lager Beer

alcohol advertisement #2


alcohol advertisement #3


alcohol advertisement #4

Johnnie Walker

alcohol advertisement #5


alcohol advertisement #6


alcohol advertisement #7

Red Tower

alcohol advertisement #8

Double Diamond

alcohol advertisement #9


alcohol advertisement #10

Martini & Rossi

alcohol advertisement #11

Old Thompson

alcohol advertisement #12


alcohol advertisement #13


alcohol advertisement #14


alcohol advertisement #15

Remy Martin

Remy Martin 1953 advertisement

Budweiser Beer

Budweiser 1940 advertisement

Seagram’s Crown Whiskey

Seagram Crow ad 1937

Schneley Whiskey

Schenley Whiskey advertisement 1943

Schenley’s Cream of Kentucky

Schenley's Cream of Kentucky 1940

Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan (1953)

Miller High Life

Miller High Life Advertisement (1957)

Chivas Regal

Chivas Regal advertisement 1954

Old Forrester Whiskey

Old Forester advertisement 1953

Black and White Scotch

Black and White Scotch Advertisement 1954

Early Times Whiskey

Early Times Whiskey advertisement 1954

Carling Black Label Beer

Carling Black Label Beer advertisement 1960

Bacardi Rum

Bacardi advertisement 1956

Cincinnati Cream Lager

Cincinnati cream lager advertisement 1955

Johnie Walker Scotch

Johny Walker advertisement (1951)

Paul Jones Whiskey

Paul Jones Whiskey advertisement 1960

Smirnoff Vodka

Smirnoff Vodka advertisement 1962

Schlitz Beer

Schlitz Beer advertisement 1964

Calvert Vodka Martini Mix

Calvert Vodka Advertisement 1968

Gordon’s Gin

Gordon's Gin advertisement 1968

And finally, here are some of the best retro cognac ads that we just can’t get enough of.

Retro Cognac Ads

vintage cognac ad 23

vintage cognac ad 24

vintage cognac ad 25

vintage cognac ad 27

vintage cognac ad 30

cognac poster 1

cognac poster 2

cognac poster 3

cognac poster 4

cognac poster 5

cognac poster 6

cognac poster 7

cognac poster 8

cognac poster 10

cognac poster 11

cognac poster 12

cognac poster 13

cognac poster 15

cognac poster 16

cognac poster 17


cognac poster 19

cognac poaster 20

cognac poster 21


Were there any particular ones that you found really interesting? Share with us in the comments section below.

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