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The House of Comandon on House Hunters International (TV)

18 March 2012 One Comment

Comandon Cognac will be featured on HGTV which is available nationally in the US, more than 5 million people will see this show this coming Monday 19 March at 7pm at night. Later it will also be on TV in Canada, UK and Australia.

In 2010 and 2011, the Vignerons, of Comandon Cognac were looking for the perfect house in Cognac. HGTV (Home & Garden TV) seized this opportunity to feature their house search in the popular American reality series called House Hunters International.

The two characteristics leading this home search were quite simple:
(1) the older the house the better, and (2) the closer to downtown old Cognac the better.

HGTV followed the Vigneron family searching for a new home in Cognac with the assistance of a realtor named Matthew. This program had three parts: the first part presented the Vignerons, the second part featured three properties, one of which they eventually purchased. In the final part of the show, the Vignerons provided a tour of the House of Comandon, revealing the restoration they made after they purchased the house.

The house the Vignerons acquired in Cognac is well known by the residents of Cognac. It is in the heart of old downtown Cognac at the intersection of several famous streets: rue de L’Ile D’Or/ rue des Cordeliers and rue Saulnier. In fact, it is located at No 1 rue Saulnier which is the most iconic street in Cognac where the history of cognac all started with merchants mostly coming from England and Holland.

Rue ‘Saulnier’ (salt trader in English) is the oldest witness to the town’s historical trade. It started as the centre of the salt trade from the Middle Ages to the 17th century and then converted into distilling brandy named ‘cognac’. This charming street has kept its old cobble stones and it is steep incline made to roll barrels down to the river Charente to be shipped overseas.
“Rue Saulnier can be proud of its remarkable 16th century residences, former properties of salt traders and later cognac merchants.” Cognac tourism Office, 2011 [www.tourism-cognac.com].

The House of Comandon is known to be the oldest of these cognac merchants houses bordering the rue Saulnier.  It is the first house at the top of the slopping hill. The house foundation was originally built by the Romans who are coined to be the first people to introduce grapes in the Cognac region. The remains of the house dates back to the 17th century. This house has many nick names such as “tombeau du pineau” (pineau’s tomb) as it is believed to be the oldest cellar in Cognac. It is listed on the inventory of French historical monument and it listed as an hostel used by pilgrims on the way to Saint-James of Compostela since the Middle Ages. The entire house was renovated in 2011, the only project left to be done is to restore the cellar to its original glory.

The “House of Comandon” episode comes on HGTV this coming Monday March 19, 2012.

  • Eastern and Pacific = 7:00pm
  • Central = 6.00pm
  • Mountain = 5.00pm


Short describtion from HGTV:

Franck is reviving an old brand of Cognac founded in 1821 and to help legitimize his business he wants to establish a historical home and tasting cellar in France. However, his wife Catherine and the kids don’t want life in Cognac to be all work and no play. Can Franck and Catherine find a house that doubles up as a second home and a Cognac house? Watch as House Hunters International gets a taste of Cognac.

Quick link to the HGTV website with summary of this “Cognac” TV episode.





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  • deb edge said:

    i have just finished watching your new home purchase episode on tv. Your new home is beautiful! The perfect choice! Having watched this has caught my interest in having my husband experience your cognac. i look forward to surprising him with a bottle soon! Good luck in your wonderful venture!


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