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The Cognac Rule

8 December 2012 No Comment

On Ned Dwyer’s Blog I found an interesting article about the “Whisky Rule”, it works pretty simple: If you cancel a meeting less than 10 minutes notice, or if you miss it completely then you owe your counterpart a bottle of whisky.

Why not introducing this simple and effective rule on Cognac? I think it will compensate the party who was left waiting for their time, also the party who haven’t cancelled the meeting will be more strict managing it’s time.

From Ned Dwyer’s Blog:

The Whisky Rule.

I’ve been using the whisky rule for a couple of years. I’m generally pretty punctual and keep a close eye on my calendar but from time to time I’ll slip up and completely forget a meeting or get stuck doing something else that I can’t get out of. In those situations I’m more than happy to sling a bottle of whisky to my counterpart as an apology and a sort of olive branch, hoping they’ll forgive me and we can make it up the next time we meet.

Likewise if someone cancels on me or just doesn’t show up I don’t get too hot and bothered by it. Instead I let them know about the whisky rule – if they really want to meet up again they should come bearing a Laphroaig or some obscure small batch Japanese whisky.

It keeps things honest.

So far the whisky rule has worked out pretty well for me. I’ve been given about 4 bottles of whisky and I’ve given 6 away. I just bought a desk calendar and I hope I’ll make up those 2 extra bottles and get beyond the break even of the whisky rule.

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