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Tariquet 15 years Folle Blanche – Armagnac Review

3 December 2012 No Comment

This time a Armagnac Review instead of Cognac Reviews. Armagnac is distilled slightly differently, single distillation in continuous stills vs. Cognac’s double distillation in copper stills. Also the region in France differs.

Cognac comes exclusively from the French departments of Charente and Charente Maritime. The Cognac-region is located north of the Bordeaux region

Armagnac Cognac lies further south, southeast of Bordeaux in the department of Gers. The area is divided into the following areas: Bas-Armagnac,  Haut-Armagnac and Ténarèze. Armagnac comes exclusively from these areas.

After distillation Cognac got a alcohol-percentage of 70%, Armagnac 50%. This means that Armagnac has a greater water-portion which contains fragrances and flavors.

Armagnac matures in the locally harvested black oak, which is darker in color. Cognac is aged in oak from the forests of Limousin or Tronçais.

Black oak imparts more flavor to the Armagnac, and allows for faster aging. The result is that Armagnac is fuller flavored than Cognac, although Armagnac is usually considered less refined than cognac.

Back to the initial topic, the Domaine du Tariquet 15 years Folle Blanche. This Armagnac is part of the Color Collection of Tariquet and is marketed as “Green” label. This product is cask-strength at 46,8% (93,6 proof) and therefore much more aromatic than a usual Cognac. Also it is being made of Folle Blanche Grapes, my favorite Cognac grapes. Looking forward to the tasting!

The review notes of this Tariquet 15 years Folle Blanche are:

The color: surprisingly light golden colored for a 15 year old brandy….
The nose: very different compared to Folle Blanche Cognacs, much more aromatic!  With fresh notes, lots of fruits, especially apple, also vanilla, almonds, caramel, molasses and Crème brûlée.
The taste: delicious aromatic first taste with apple, caramel, brown-sugar, dried peaches,
The after-taste: a finish of dried fruit and flowers. Not as long as most Cognacs.
The origin: 100% Bas-Armagnac, 100% Folle Blanche Grapes
The age: 15 years old.
The price: $55,-
The price / quality ratio: superb quality for the money, this 15 year is produced exclusively from the rare Folle Blanche grape. Highly aromatic and bottled at cask strength. Will definitely buy a bottle of this.

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