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[22 Mar 2012 | 7 berichten | ]
Your Cognac: Rouyer Guillet 1865 (US Navy bottle)

Here comes an very old vintage Rouyer Guillet from 1865 with wrapped wire bottle, the owner is looking for some more information and a buyer….
Do you also want to know more about an old or rare Cognac bottle, its value, or would like to sell it? Submit your bottle!

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[3 Mar 2012 | 1 bericht | ]
Camus 1940 Vintage Bons Bois Cognac

Camus just launched the Rarissimes Bons Bois Vintage 1940, this Cognac is very exceptional as Bons Bois normally won’t age much longer than 20-30 years. Also the Bons Bois region isn’t used much for producing Cognac. In general, the Bons Bois taste is: light, pleasant with a touch of earthiness.
According the House of Camus, this Camus Rarissimes Cru Bons Bois vintage 1940 is one of the oldest vintages officially recognised in the Cognac AOC.

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[28 Feb 2012 | 1 bericht | ]
Your Cognac: Cameron French & Co – Vintage 1937 bottled in 1968

Since a month we offer a new feature on Cognac Fans: Submit Your Cognac Bottle. With this new feature you are able to submit your Cognac bottle, if you would like to know the value or age… Today we received an vintage  1937 Grande Champagne Cognac of a brand we never heard about; Cameron French & Co.
However the Cognac is an vintage from 1937, it is bottled in 1968. Which means the Cognac aged for about 30 years. Just perfect for Grande Champagne Cognacs! Read more about the Cognac Regions.

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[4 Feb 2012 | 8 berichten | ]
Your bottle: 6 bottles of 1811 GRAN FINE NAPOLEON

Since a week we offer a new feature on Cognac Fans: Submit Your Cognac Bottle. With this new feature you are able to submit your Cognac bottle, if you would like to know the value or age.
This time 6 bottles of 1811 Gran Fine Napoleon Cognac have been submitted. Can it get more special than this?

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[4 Feb 2012]
A. de Fussigny Cognac launches its Vintage Collection Cognacs

A. de Fussigny cognac is proud to announce the launching of four rare and exclusive vintage cognacs as part of the A. de Fussigny Vintage Collection.
The Vintage Collection is attractively presented in a luxurious, uniquely designed orange lacquered wood box and is available in limited and small quantities.
Four vintages are released: 1969, 1970, 1975 and 1988.

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[3 Feb 2012]
Cognac made from Folle Blanche grapes and Grande Champagne

Folle Blanche is the most elegant grape variety in the Cognac, Grande Champagne is the best cru of all Cognac regions. A combination of these two is very hard to find, only some very old (pre-1895) are to be found…
Luckily Raymond Ragnaud made the Folle Blache Vintage 2002, and we tasted it at the Vinexpo! It is truly an exceptional Cognac!

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[26 Jan 2012]
Last Drop Distillers Vintage 1950 Cognac

The Last Drop Distillers Limited announced their second release; this time just 487 bottles, the remaining contents of two casks that had been ageing in their little chais deep in the Charente region of France since 1950.
It has, says Tom Jago, one of the founders, what they always seek and seldom find, great maturity combined with youthful freshness. It is, he claims, ‘as perfect as a distilled spirit can get’.

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[6 Jan 2012]
Camus Limited Edition Vintages for the US

Camus Cognac introduced in the US a outstanding and unequaled range of eight  Limited Edition Certified Single Vintage Cognacs with the following years 1964, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1980, 1988, 1989 and the exclusive Pionneau 1969 Vintage.

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[6 Nov 2009 | 1 bericht | ]
Rémy Martin 1989 Vintage

“Rémy Martin has announced their first single-harvest cognac since Rémy Martin 1965. Rémy Martin has chosen a cognac crafted from the legendary 1989 vintage. Hot summer days combined with cool nights for ideal maturation of the Ugni Blanc grapes. Georges Clot, Rémy Martin cellar master at the time, strove to select the best plots from over a thousand exclusively located in Grande Champagne vineyards, choosing eaux-de-vie from four estate-owned plots.