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Rémy Martin

This established Cognac house has been around since 1724, for nearly 300 years, producing exquisite Fine Champagne Cognac, which is the category of highest quality in cognac production.

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[3 Sep 2013 | 3 berichten | ]
Making of Louis XIII Baccarat decanter (video)

The making of the LOUIS XIII decanter by crystal-maker Baccarat is a traditional & genuine work of art in crystal. Watch the video below to see how the beautiful Louis XIII Baccarat decanters are being made.

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[15 Aug 2013]
Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 – Diner in Amsterdam

In June the Rémy Martin Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 was launched in the Netherlands, we were invited for a wonderful launch diner at the magnificent Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam.
In this post I’d like to show you some pictures of the evening. I will also tell something about the delicious food we had.
As a starter we got smoked! mozzarella with melon, a very special combination. Then we got a very nicely smoked salmon, scallops with bacon, lamb from Texels (a small island above the Netherlands) and a delicious dessert. …

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[21 Jun 2013 | 1 bericht | ]
Altia buys Larsen from Rémy Martin

Rémy Cointreau, which bought six months ago cognacs Larsen, has reached an agreement with the Altia Scandinavian group to use the brand. Altia has a turnover of € 110 million in 2012 with 1,100 employees. It already has the cognac brand Renault purchased from Pernord Ricard in 2010 and Grönstedts.  Altia is the leading Finnish spirits corporation in the Nordic and Baltic countries, where Larsen traditionally positioned itself as a key Cognac brand. According to “Les Echos”, the sale would be € 53 million.

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[26 May 2013]
Remy Martin VSOP Cannes Edition 2013

Rémy Cointreau has lined up the launch of a limited edition bottling of its Rémy Martin VSOP Cognac, to commemorate the Cannes Film Festival, one of the best festivals and a beautiful place. The bottle, which features the festival’s golden palm motif, will be available in the run-up to the festival, which started on 15 May.

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[19 Mar 2013 | 2 berichten | ]
Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 – New Product

At first we thought the press-release was related to the earlier introduced Louis XIII Rare Cask 43,8, however it seems the Rare Cask 42,6 is a complete new product which is great! Rémy Martin’s objective is to introduce new releases of the Louis XIII Rare Cask editions each 1-2 year.
The Louis XIII Rare Cask 42,6 will be limited to only 738 crystal carafes and will be on sale at selected travel-retail outlets in Europe, US and Singapore.

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[19 Dec 2012 | 3 berichten | ]
Another Rémy Martin 1724 – 1974 (250 year Anniversary)

Today a reader submitted a photo of an Grande Champagne Cognac specially blended by Rémy Martin for their 250th birthday in 1974.
The production was limited to 38.709 (this is our second on CognacFans!) individually numbered and sealed bottles so this Cognac is quite exceptional today. Each bottle came with an certificate and wooden box.

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[21 Nov 2012]
Cointreau Noir – made by Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet

As we all know, Cointreau Yellow label is being made with brandy, the red and blue label are being made with Cognac.
Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail just launched the Cointreau Noir, a result of an alliance between Cointreau Master Distiller Bernadette Langlais and Rémy Martin Cellar Master Pierrette Trichet.

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[4 Nov 2012]
Rémy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish Cocktail Expert Case

Rémy Martin introduced another beautiful Limited Edition on the market, this time the VSOP Mature Cask Finish Cocktail Expert Case, a complete Cocktail kit in a box made of glass.
The Cocktail Expert Case includes a bottle of Remy Martin VSOP Mature Cask Finish, 2 Tumbler glasses of Remy Martin, a book of cocktail recipes and a shaker, a strainer and a jiggler of brushed steel.

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[1 Nov 2012]
Rémy Martin buying Larsen?

The beverage group Rémy Cointreau (owner of Rémy Martin) said it is in exclusive talks to buy a majority stake in Larsen (known for their beautiful viking ship style bottles), which is one of the last remaining independent producers Cognac. For now Rémy did not disclose a value for the potential deal to buy control of the family-owned company.
Larsen had built up big volumes of inventories of aged eaux-de-vie, which could help Rémy Martin securing the quality of its output.

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[18 Sep 2012 | 4 berichten | ]
Rémy Martin XO GOLD – Exclusive Edition

Rémy Martin unveiled the “Exclusive limited edition” XO Gold, part of the XO Excellence Fine champagne cognac line. In terms of taste this Cognac is said the same as the “normal” XO Excellence, the only difference is the beautiful golden label in combination with the golden air-brush, another name (Exclusive Limited Edition) and the luxury gift box. Great as give-away in the upcoming Christmas-season!