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[30 Sep 2013]
Brenne Whisky – Made in Cognac

There is a third-generation master distiller trained in the traditional art of cognac distillation with a secret love affair for whisky, the result is a very elegant Single Malt Whisky called Brenne Whisky.
This limited-edition whisky is twice distilled in a copper alembic still from barley grown organically in the chalky-rich soil of the Fins Bois region.

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[2 Feb 2012 | 7 berichten | ]
Cognac is healthy

As you already know this blog is all things cognac and alcohol. We love to drink a fine cognac each day if possible.
Drinking every day doesn’t necessarily mean getting drunk, when alcohol is consumed in moderation it can help you live longer. It’s not a myth, numerous medical studies have supported the fact that drinking alcohol in moderation can indeed make you healthier and help you cure certain diseases. To stress the fact that drinking is ok but in moderation, we thought we would talk a bit about it.