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[29 Jan 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
How to store Cognac?

How do I store a cognac bottle?  In this article we will tell you the answer on this and some more questions!
Cognac does not age once bottled, unlike wine, which ripens further in the bottle, Cognac is an ‘dead-beverage’ because it’s high alcohol content, storing a bottle for 100 years will not make it any older, the contents will remain the same age as they were put in the bottle.

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[12 Jul 2010 | 7 berichten | ]
How long can you keep Cognac?

In the period of oak aging in barrels, which can take years, there has been positive aging. Once the brandy is in the bottle, that aging stopped.
If the bottle is protected from light, it has not been opened, and the cork has not been altered, you are able to preserve your bottle of Fine Cognac for a really long time!  However, be aware that in contrary to wine, Cognac does not age in the bottle, so it will not improve with time. So, Cognac in a bottle is a ‘dead’ …