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Folle Blanche

Folle Blanche is the most exclusive grape used for Cognac, only <5% of the vineyards are planted with Folle Blanche. The other grapes are Ugnu Blanc (95% of the vineyards) , Colombard and Montils.

Folle Blanche is the original Cognac-grape as they used this grape before the Phylloxera-decease for making Cognac, afther this disease the makers planted Ugnu-Blanc vines because these are more resistant against Phylloxera.

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[3 Dec 2012]
Tariquet 15 years Folle Blanche – Armagnac Review

This time a Armagnac Review instead of Cognac Reviews. Armagnac is distilled slightly differently, single distillation in continuous stills vs. Cognac’s double distillation in copper stills. Also the region in France differs.
Cognac comes exclusively from the French departments of Charente and Charente Maritime. The Cognac-region is located north of the Bordeaux region
Armagnac Cognac lies further south, southeast of Bordeaux in the department of Gers. The area is divided into the following areas: Bas-Armagnac,  Haut-Armagnac and Ténarèze. Armagnac comes exclusively from these areas.

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[15 Apr 2012 | 6 berichten | ]
La Fontaine de la Pouyade – Grande Champagne Cognac

La Fontaine de la Pouyade is one of the most exclusive and desirable Cognacs in the world, only a limited number of bottles are available worldwide.
This rare and exciting cognac, produced by the house Bouyer-Dubosquet is aged for more than 80 years! The German gourmet magazine (“Der Feinschmecker”) once organized a blind tasting (only experts and sommeliers took part) with high end cognac like Hennessy Richard and Rémy Martin Louis XIII and this cognac was the best!

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[14 Mar 2012]
Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP – Cognac Review

Distillerie du Peyrat is distilling Cognac for many generations now, the current master distiller  Jean-Francois Rault decided to make the whole range of organically grown grapes which is a very good thing. The product should be more pure and the growing doesn’t harm the environment.
Now back to the Cognac Review, the Distillerie du Peyrat VSOP is a blend of petite champagne , Fins Bois  and Bon Bois Cognacs. The grapes used are Ugni Blanc and Folle blanche grapes.

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[19 Feb 2012 | 1 bericht | ]
A.E. Dor 1811 Roi de Rome – Cognac Review

A few weeks ago I mentioned you about a the unique tasting of Pre-Phylloxera Cognacs in the Netherlands! We had the possibility to taste 10 very rare Cognacs, most of them dated from before 1900!
Because I wrote tasting-notes about the tasted Cognacs, I will publish them regularly on Cognac Fans. I will begin with the oldest Cognac tasted that event!

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[3 Feb 2012]
Cognac made from Folle Blanche grapes and Grande Champagne

Folle Blanche is the most elegant grape variety in the Cognac, Grande Champagne is the best cru of all Cognac regions. A combination of these two is very hard to find, only some very old (pre-1895) are to be found…
Luckily Raymond Ragnaud made the Folle Blache Vintage 2002, and we tasted it at the Vinexpo! It is truly an exceptional Cognac!

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[22 Jan 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
Cognac Vineyards, Cru’s, Grapes and distillation

The vineyards of the Cognac region cover 710,000 acres in the Charente and Charente Maritime départments, primarily between the middle and lower Charente basin.
The soils of this unique region are composed entirely of Upper Jurassic and Cretaceous limestone deposited by the sea during the Mesozoic Era.

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[21 Jun 2011 | 2 berichten | ]
Raymond Ragnaud – Folle Blanche Grande Champagne Cognac

At the Vinexpo, Raymond Ragnaud presented a new Cognac product, which is the best of two worlds. They used Grande Champagne (first cru, and mostly described as the best) and a very old, rare grape called Folle Blache. This grape was the original grape the Cognac-industry used in the past, but after the Phylloxera around 1880, the are using mostly Ugni Blanc. A Phyloxera resistant grape.

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[14 May 2011 | 3 berichten | ]
Chateau Beaulon – 7 ans Folle Blanche

The Beaulon 7 ans Folle Blanche is a Cognac everybody should have in their drinking-cabinet!
This Cognac is made from a special grape, namely the Folle Blanche grape, till 1875 this grape was almost exclusively used for making Cognac, after the Phylloxera (1875) hit the Cognac-region, this variety is in the heavily minority. The use of 100% Folle Blanche grapes makes this Cognac very special in my eyes.

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[26 Nov 2010 | 5 berichten | ]
Godet Antarctica – Folle Blanche Cognac

One of the most striking Cognacs, because it is a Cognac without color and also in a combination with the use of the special Folle Blanche grape!
This cognac matured for 7 years in old oak barrels (they give less color) and got a natural filtration to get this colour.