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Cognac Glass

Find here all information about Cognac Glasses, such as the Balloon Brandy Glass or the Tulip Style Cognac Glass, most producers use.

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[16 Jan 2013 | 1 bericht | ]
Normann Copenhagen Cognac Glasses

Cognac Fans favorite Cognac Design glass comes from Normann Copenhagen, we even used a picture of it in our header above!
The design of the glass is beautiful, it is also fascinating to see the glass could spin like a top. As for glass to drink, I find it somewhat less suitable for brandy.

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[25 Nov 2012 | 1 bericht | ]
François Voyer XO Grand Cru

A few years ago I described the François Voyer XO Gold as one of the best XO Cognacs. This XO Grand Cru is the slightly younger, about 5 years, brother of this XO Gold.
The name of Grand Cru revers to the Grande Champagne, Voyer uses for all of their Cognacs, as Grande Champagne is the Grand Cru of the Cognac region.
The decanter is a beauty, which suits very well in your drinking cabinet…

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[2 Mar 2012 | 2 berichten | ]
Hennessy “9.Shoot”

In 2004 Hennessy created the 9.shoot project, an box with 9 stylish missile-like bottles of Hennessy Cognac, the bottom of these awesome bottles could be used as a Cognac Glass.
Unfortunately this project didn’t become publicly well known, so probably Hennessy decided not to produce it.
In search on the internet, I found the website of Jerome Blanchard with beautiful pictures of this special project and couldn’t resist to share it with our Cognac-Friends! Hope you like it…

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[21 Jan 2012]
Warming a Cognac in the Glass?

It is widely believed that it is correct to warm the Cognac contained in a balloon glass in the hollow of the hand. There is even an element of snobbery attaching to the procedure.
Professional tasters, while allowing everyone to drink his Brandy as he pleases, disapprove strongly this method.
It has, indeed, one serious disadvantage: the more superior it’s quality, the more strongly does the warmed brandy give off a powerful aroma which induces a real anesthesia of the faculties of taste and smell.

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[31 Dec 2011]
Making music on Cognac Glasses (video)

Everybody once tried to make music on their Cristal glasses, unfortunately we weren’t so good in doing this, therefore we decided to focus on the contents of the glass, the great Cognacs or wines…
The couple of the video in this article are very handy on Cristal Brandy Glasses, they call their table full of glasses a Glass Harp… Enjoy it!

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[29 Aug 2011 | 5 berichten | ]
Rémy Martin mini glasses – L’ art de la seduction

The “Seduction Series” by Rémy Martin is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Rémy Martin. These special glasses will be exclusive available to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate the exceptional aromatic profiles of Rémy Martin.
Merve Kahraman is the designer of these small glasses.

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[14 Jun 2011 | 3 berichten | ]
Amex Centurion Concierge question: Louis XIII Cognac Design-Set where available?

This message I got from the American Express Centurion Congierge, hopefully someone can help her with this question:
“I have a client interested in 4 of the Louis XIII Cognac Design-Set by Christophe Pillet glasses. I understand that they are sold exclusively. Do you have any access or can you sell us any of these glasses? I am looking forward to your response.”

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[17 Nov 2009 | 13 berichten | ]
Louis XIII Cognac Design-Set by Christophe Pillet

French designer Christophe Pillet has designed a contemporary set to accompany Remy Martin’s top class cognac Louis XIII. This collaboration is, according to Remy Martin, a way to pay homage to the heritage and artistry of the high-quality cognac.
Pillet is well known as a furniture designer and has worked with Philippe Starck and brands like Zanotta, Cappellini, Tacchini and Pallucco.

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[13 Nov 2009]
Cognac pre-heating in Bulgaria (video)

Cognac should not be heat, only by hand. Certainly not in the hospitality industry. In the video in this post, you see 2 waiters in Bulgaria doing a trick to increase the heating of the Cognac-glass.