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Straight Cognac Talk : Saying It As It Is

30 May 2010 No Comment

There are some things that we are very particular about when it comes to our beloved drink cognac. However, just because we and other cognac drinker like it a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it should be the same way for everyone else. Cognac is a fine drink that should be enjoyed the way you want.

Whether you want to drink it neat (the way we like to) or as a mixed drink should be your choice. Most of the talks that are out there about cognac is nothing but generalization. Therefore, today we are set out to break the monotony on what is cognac and how it should be drank once and for all.

Cognac Is a Man’s Drink

We hear this statement quite often. Every time we are around a bunch of cognac loving people who love a stiff drink, that’s the word that comes out of their mouth. Although many people think that cognac is a man’s drink, it is pure ignorance to think that cognac can’t be enjoyed by women. As a matter of fact, more cognac brands are focusing on making cognac appealing to women so as to enter this demographic. We as cognac drinkers should stop following the cliche and realize the fact that cognac can be enjoyed whether you are a man or a woman.

The statement “cognac is a man’s drink” is nothing but cliche. Cognac is an everyone’s drink and categorizing it to a certain demographic or basing it on a sexual preference is just plain wrong. So next time you are enjoying a glass of cognac, keep the “cognac is a man’s drink” statement to yourself and know it’s a drink for everyone and not just for “the man.”

Cognac Shouldn’t Be Mixed

Once again, who are we to judge whether anyone can drink mixed cognac drinks or not? We can certainly echo our preference but we can’t categorize and say “cognac shouldn’t be drank as a mixed drink.” We ourselves prefer drinking cognac straight, without any ice or any other mix to it, however, if someone prefers to add coke, orange juice or a few cubes of ice, it’s their choice. It is just not a viable option to say that “cognac isn’t a mixed drink.” The more we accept these facts the more mainstream the already popular cognac will go, which in turn will help us spread the word about this fine drink.

There is a reason we see so many mixed cognac drinks, one of the most popular one being cognac summit. And although we enjoy cognac neat, we’ll admit cognac summit is a mixed cognac drink we will try any day. The statement “cognac shouldn’t be mixed” may be your’s and our preference, but throwing that out to anyone who wants to try it out is just wrong. We can’t generalize cognac, it’s a choice how anyone wants to drink it.

Cognac Is For The Rich and Famous

We have tried to break this notion many times but it deserves a place on this list. We agree that some cognac drinks run pretty high in terms of dollar, however, not all cognac drinks are expensive. There are many, many fine cognac drinks that are almost affordable by anyone who can afford a six pack of beer. Trust us, it’s not all that expensive and it’s not “out of reach” for many as media likes to put it. The reason why most think cognac is only for the rich and famous is because media only talks about cognac as an expensive drink. We never hear anyone talk about a great cognac drink for $25 but anytime it runs over couple thousand dollars and there are press releases everywhere.

We are not saying that expensive cognac are expensive for the sake of it. After all, a cognac that has been stored for 30 years deserves a couple thousand dollars. But let’s face it, cognac is an affordable drink and the more we accept this fact and educate others, the more often we might see our beloved drink talked about and enjoyed by many.

Are you a Cognac drinker? What do you think?

Well, there you have it. We had to point these facts out. We hear so many generalized concept of cognac each day that we thought we would lay it out and say it as it is. It just isn’t fair or smart to categorize cognac as a “a wise man’s drink,” ” a drink for rich and famous,” or that “cognac shouldn’t be mixed.” We have all contributed to making it that way but let’s stop now. It’s about time people know cognac is more than that and the best thing we can all do is stop generalizing it cause cognac is much more, much much more than what is portrayed by many.

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