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Rémy Martin VSOP Matured Cask Finish – Cognac Review

18 January 2012 8 Comments

It’s a mouthful, Rémy Martin VSOP Matured Cask Finish, the new VSOP Cognac of Rémy Martin’s in Europe. The well-known mat-green bottle will be replaced with this newcomer.

In the beginning I found it very hard to accept the fact that the beloved VSOP will be replaced, but after seeing the bottle and tasting the new VSOP Matured Cask Finish I think it is a good step by Rémy.


Although the old VSOP bottle remembers me and many others to happy moments, it looks quite outdated. The new bottle is clear and looks much better, the Rémy Martin Centaure stamp gives a premium feeling. Not only the color of the bottle changed, the design changed slightly as well, it’s a little wider and higher.

The Rémy Martin VSOP and the new VSOP Matured Cask Finish are both using Fine Champagne Cognacs, this means that at least 50% needs to be Grande Champgne (1st cru) the rest needs to be Petite Champagne (2nd Cru).

The using of these high quality Cognac’s is the strenght of Rémy Martin’s product, and  luckily there hasn’t been any change in terms of usage of these cru’s. Just like the VSOP, the VSOP Matured Cask Finish is made from 55% Grande Champagne Cognacs and 45% of Petite Champagne Cognacs.

The VSOP Mature Cask Finish will be made in the same traditional process used by Remy Martin in its VSOP cognac but the finishing process will take place in mature oak casks for one year to enhance the brandy’s fruity notes. The Whisky-industry already use this technique for many years and we encourage these ideas with Cognac. It will bring the aroma’s of Cognac to an even higher level.

In general tasting terms, the VSOP Matured Cask Finish is less spicy than the old VSOP, but also a little more fruity. This results in a rounder and fuller flavor which will be appreciated by many people who found the old VSOP to spicy.

The tasting notes of the Remy Martin VSOP Matured Cask Finish are:

The color: sparkling gold, nearly the same color as the VSOP.
The nose: matured, complex and powerful aroma’s with vanilla, honey, lots of fruits and some flowers.
The taste: fruity (peach and apricots) in the beginning, later some light wood flavors. The taste is much rounder than the green-bottled VSOP. The characteristic Fine Champagne taste is unfortunately less recognizable.
The after-taste: balanced but short in length.
The origin: 55% Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne 45%.
The age: 4 to 12 year old cognac with an average age of 8 years, one year matured for the marriage.
The price: about $40, –

The tasting notes of the Remy Martin VSOP are:

The color: sparkling gold.
The scent: vanilla, honey, flowers, fruits, a lot of spicy flavours.
The taste: real Fine Champagne, warm spicy flavours but not overpowering, full scent of ripe fruit and vanilla. Little wood flavor.
The after-taste: balanced but short in length.
The origin: 55% Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne 45%.
The age: 4 to 12 year old cognac with an average age of 8 years.
The price: about $40, –


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  • David A. Perez said:

    I will be lining up at the truck tomorrow to get a bottle of my favorite Cognac. Thanks for a great article and tasting notes.- PROMOTE!

  • Ginasommelier said:

    Rémy Martin is simply the best!!!

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  • Craig Cresswell said:

    I disagree me and my bartender poured a shot of each and we feel the VSOP it’s a better product and more fruity taste. The VSOP Mature Cask would be a good base for cocktails but not great for sipping. I hope the VSOP will still be widely available as we are not a fan of the new finish.

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  • asdf said:

    I don’t like new version – seems like they are trying to increase their margins – of course they will think of some way to try to make it appear to be an improvement! 🙁 my favorite thing just got ruined….

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  • Copenhagen Knights said:

    Ridiculous comment about the bottle. The old one is beatiful with the classic logo. The new logo looks like cheap plastic. The stuff inside may be good or better than before, but the bottle is “clearly” not.

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