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Rémy Martin V – Unaged Brandy

17 August 2010 2 Comments

Unripened Whisky and Bourbon, often called White Dog or Moonshine, are currently a huge hit, people like the rougher taste. Beside that it is cheaper and easier to mix in cocktails.

Remy Martin apparently saw the popularity of unripened spirits. Remy Martin will now come up with the “V”, a white wine distillate that is not matured.

Because no aging takes place, this product should never be called Cognac, it is also the question if Remy Martin uses “expensive” grapes from the Cognac region for a drink like this.

After distillation, the brandy is filtered through a chill filtration technique (minus 10 degrees Celsius) ensuring that it is crystal clear, a newly made brandy is never absolutely clear…

Also, this filtration ensure that the Brandy will not show any flakes in the freezer, a place where I expect this drink mainly focus. Think of it as a kind of young gin or a easy and uncomplicated drink for mixing…

The bottle of this “V” is very similar to the normal of Remy VSOP, however in this case it is made of clear glass. It looks beautiful and very exclusive!

Besides this unripened colorless brandy, there is also a colorless aged Cognac on the market: The Godet Antarctica.

What do you think of this development of Remy Martin? Is it a hit in the market of Cocktails and shots or is this nothing, just like Remy Silver (Vodka with a Cognac)?

I’m quite curious …

P.s. this brandy is probably only sold in the United States…

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  • IShia said:

    hi, when does remy martin v come out in saint louis? Or where can I order it? thnks

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