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Rémy Martin mini glasses – L’ art de la seduction

29 August 2011 5 Comments

The “Seduction Series” by Rémy Martin is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Rémy Martin. These special glasses will be exclusive available to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate the exceptional aromatic profiles of Rémy Martin.

Merve Kahraman is the designer of these small glasses.

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  • Yula said:

    Wow! Beautiful and special.

  • Paul said:

    What is wrong with people? Does Remy really think this is good marketing?

  • Kiran said:

    Seriously? I’m all about creating something innovative but this is just stupid. How does this add anything do the experience of cognac?

    How am I supposed to swirl cognac in a glass the size of the ones on images 7 and 8? Or am I supposed to be satisfied with just one sip? I admit that they look beautiful but practical? No way. Clearly just another tool for Remy Martin to spread some free publicity in the world of cognac. Quite a shame…

  • Arif said:

    Unbelievable design, beautiful in looks but I think not very handy to drink.

    The cognac-industry should make more of these creative things.

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