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Rémy Martin Louis XIII Jeroboam – breaking news!

16 June 2011 6 Comments

Rémy Martin finally presented the Louis XIII Jeroboam, a massive 3 liter bottle filled with the most extraordinary Cognac in the world.

The launch of the new “Le Jeroboam” Louis XIII decanter took place yesterday evening, on June 15th, at Trocadero, Paris.

The event also featured the presentation of an online campaign called “Have A Taste Of Legend” where writers all over the world reported about their experience with the taste of Louis XIII cognac.

The Louis XIII was already available in a 700ml and a 1,5 liter magnum. These smaller versions are made by Baccarat Cristallerie, this bigger Jeroboam version is made by Cristallerie de Sèvres.

The decanter is presented in a beautiful wooden box, together with 4 crystal snifters designed by Christophe Pillet.

This 3-liter “Jeroboam” Louis XIII will soon be available at some selected shops all over the world. The price of this exclusive Cognac is €16.000,- € ($22.600,-).

More news, regarding this amazing Cognac will be published soon, CognacFans will keep you up-to-date about that!

A person is less likely to need drug and alcohol treatment in the future as long as his drinking is kept at a moderate level.

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  • Emily said:

    What do you do if the bottle is empty and you would like a re-fill and don’t wish to purchase the whole bottle again? thanks-

  • TommyToilet said:

    Emily – you fill ‘er up with a couple plastic jugs of Early Times whiskey and you’re good to go.

  • Terry Wheeler said:

    I have an empty Louis XIII decanter and box you could buy and fill up with Early Times or Four Roses if you would like… then you could pour into a shaker and make whiskey sours! 😉

    The Baccarat crystal decanter with the box is worth about $450-$500, plus shipping…

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