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Remy Martin Grand Cru – Petite Champagne VS Cognac

28 August 2011 One Comment

Although I’m crazy for the Remy Martin VSOP, I am somewhat less enthusiastic about the Remy Martin VS Cognac.

This VS-quality Cognac is simply just very sharp in the mouth. Much sharper than its competitors from Martell and Courvoisier.

This Remy Martin is a genuine VS Cognac, sharp and not to complex, a typical Cognac made for mixing…

This Remy Martin Grand Cru is the onliest Cognac, which is fully made of grapes grown in the Petite Champagne. It is aged in new oak barrels from the Limousin region.

Thanks to its Petite Champagne origin, its versatility suits a wide range of long drinks and cocktails.

The tasting notes of the Remy Martin Grand Cru – VS Cognac are:

The color: mahogany color.
The nose: vanilla, slightly sharp, spicy and very flowery.
The taste: the taste starts tasteless and characterless. Then the sharp aroma’s of alcohol.
The after-taste: a long but not very pleasant aftertaste…
The origin: 100% Petite Champagne.
Age: 3-10 years old.
The price: about 25 euros.
The conclusion: The price is quite high. Quality is good very good for mixing or drinking with ice-cubes because of the strong taste…

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