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Question about Cognac, please ask!

12 August 2012 6 Comments

If you have any question about Cognac, please ask us by email, Facebook, Twitter or below in the comment box.

We are very happy to answer your question. If we cannot answer your question we will try to ask other experts or Cognac-makers.

Please remember, no question is to0 stupid to ask! 


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  • Ned meis said:

    I have a bottle of Louis x111, sealed from 1920 what is it worth?

  • Carl Dunn said:

    not the easiest website i have been on, recommended by Monnet gocnac. I have asked a question so hopefully it will be answered.

  • jeff browne said:

    I have recently acquired a bottle of monnets century cognac. It has a hand written registration number of 70. Can anyone give me idea of the age and value?

  • Jerry mccollister said:

    Why is it so difficult to find Renault Cognac to purchase in the western market place ?
    It seems like parts of Europe, particularly Finland is the only area of the world to find Renault in any quantity.

  • Whitney Raab said:

    Two bottles of Cognac Grande Fine Champagne 1811 Reserve, Imperatrice Josephine. Both bottles have leakage, one 1/2 way down the bottle, the other 1′ from the neck. Do you think they are still drinkable and do they have any value ?

  • Arran Hooper said:

    Hi, I have been given a bottle of La Couronne De L’Empourer Napoleon Extra Fine Old Brandy. 70 proof about 60 years old. Don’t know too much about this brand. Can anyone help?

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