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Pinard VSOP Bio 6 years

17 October 2010 No Comment

About an earlier biological Cognac I was not very pleased, I did even compare it with an Toyota Prius. Through this article I got in touch with J.B. Pinard.

J.B. Pinard considered that there are good biological Cognacs, including his own Pinard Cognac. He suggested to send a bottle of Pinard biological cognac to review the previous statement on bio-cognacs.

Fortunately, the Pinard VSOP, aged 6 years, is indeed much better than the first tasted biological Fussigny Cognac. The Pinard is nicely fruity and especially very soft. I take my previous statement of biological Cognacs back.

Pinard has the following biological Cognacs in its range:

  • VS, 3 year.
  • VSOP, 6 year.
  • Napoleon, 10 year.
  • XO 1990, 20 year.
  • XO 1979 Vieille Réserve, 30 year.

In 1969, Guy Pinard, his father George and his wife Chantal decided to convert the entire biology of the farm. Soon, their son Jean-Baptiste joins them. Since the death of Guy, Chantal and Jean-Baptiste are running the estate.

At the time, grower, winemaker, distiller and Winemaker, Jean-Baptiste develops products in the pure tradition of family and respect for traditional methods. He participated in all stages of grape transformation with the objective to continue to make exceptional products.
The tasting notes of the Pinard VSOP Bio 6 years are:

The color: orange gold color.
The nose: rich scent of fruit especially ripe peaches, slightly salty.
The taste: very soft, fruity, little wood.
The after-taste: not very long but very enjoyable.
The origin: 100% Finnish Bois.
The age: 6 years matured.
Price: unknown.
The price / quality ratio: a 7 +.

P.S. you can discuss this Cognac below this article, or on the Cognac-Forum.

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