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Pierre Ferrand Reserve – Cognac Review

1 May 2012 No Comment

Just like any other Pierre Ferrand, this Reserve Cognac comes from the Grande Champagne region. The premier cru of the Cognac-area.

The previous tested: Pierre Ferrand Ambre pleased us very much, so we enjoyed us on the to be tasted Pierre Ferrand Reserve.


When we compare the Reserve with the Ambre directly, it strikes us that the Reserve has no character compared to the Ambre, also it is a little plane. Flavors that emerge are difficult to describe, but it comes in the direction of citrus fruit and plenty of tannin’s. Therefore, this Cognac is still nice, but in relation to the superior Ambre still a slight letdown.

The Ambre is much more aromatic, fruity and lighter in taste, especially when the price difference, the Reserve is about 30 dollars more expensive, is taken into consideration.


Pierre Ferrand Cognac is made with only Grande Champagne grapes, and the unfiltered wine is distilled over lees in small 25 hectoliter copper pot stills.
Finally, the spirit is carefully aged in small Limousin oak casks and blended into its final expression. Though the oak lends structure and interest to their spirits, the high-quality fruit remains at the forefront.

The review notes of the Pierre Ferrand Reserve Cognac are:

The color: old gold.
The nose: peppery, wood, citrus, vanilla and something caramel.
The taste: lemon, orange, dried apricot, vanilla,honey, pepper, oak (tannin’s) and walnut.
The after-taste: not especially long, lots of wood influences.
The age: no support to be found about the age, looks like to be 15-20 years.
The origin: 100% Grande Champagne Cognac.
The price: around 50 euros.
The price / quality ratio:  a 7. A delightful Cognac,although it is very badly in the shade in terms of price / quality relationship with it’s younger brother the Ambre.

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