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pgjon on Vintage Martell Cordon Bleu Decanter Baccarat Crystal Decanter

30 May 2010 2 Comments


New member… having much trouble trying to get an idea of the value of this item.

My Father-in-law has had this for at least 25 yrs. & now needs to sell it. Wife just died & he is in no shape to enjoy it.

I emailed Martell but no answ. so far.

I do not believe that there were ever any papers with it. See pic's for all there is.

I live in Houston, Tx. USA, and now have the package with me. I called several local liquor types, but they have no idea.

TKS Confused


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  • Ru zhao said:

    Hi. Im interest buying

  • James said:

    I am interested in puurchasing your cognac

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