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Otard VSOP Fine Champagne

11 November 2009 2 Comments

Otard VSOP Fine ChampagneOtard Cognac is a brand which makes wonderful Cognacs. So like this little sharp but very complex VSOP Cognac.
The Otard VSOP Fine Champagne is composed exclusively of the two leading areas Cognac, Grande and Petite Champagne, with at least 50% of Grande Champagne.

In 1968, Otard creates a tear-drop bottle. The design drew its inspiration from the cognac itself. When cognac is swirled inside a glass, to bring out better the fullness of its aromas, it leaves a fine film on the sides from which a few droplets run down. The cognac is said to be weeping. These tears inspired the shape of the bottle. For over thirty years, this shape has remained the constant theme of all Otard designs. Its pure lines and its simplicity go hand in hand with the constant thrust for sobriety, elegance and modernism.

The tasting notes of the Otard VSOP Fine Champagne are:

The color: golden amber.
The scent: strong odor, floral aromas supported by the smell of pears, tobacco, spices and vanilla.
The taste: softer than the smell would suggest vanilla clearly present. Very complex.
The after-taste: the taste is long mouth hanging.
The origin: Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.
The age: 8-10 years old.
The price: about $40,-
The price / quality ratio: 7.5

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