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Nice story about Cognac

4 November 2009 No Comment

cognac great storyThere is a nice story about Cognac from the beginning of the last century (1900).
It’s about an old uncle of Oscar Wilde, who was a major recipient of Cognac and also in possession of some very old and beautiful bottles in his basement.

On one day, there arose a small fire in his house, which fortunately extinguished by a single fireman. This brave fireman, was invited by our cognac-lover to the library to sit by the fireplace, to pull-out his wet shoes and socks.

Our gentleman, flowing with gratitude offered him a glass of his oldest and best Cognac. The fireman eagerly accepted the glass, and said the following memorable words:

“Personally I am actually a teetotaler, Sir, but I’ve always found that there nothing above a good brandy for a cold to avoid.” And he poured the brandy on his stone cold feet.

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