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New label for Courvoisier VS

30 October 2010 3 Comments

Courvoisier changes the label of the VS quality in the same oval design as their VSOP. The new-look Courvoisier VS will hit key markets from this autumn and will debut in the UK, where it is the best-selling Cognac by volume, from this month. Changes have been made to the label design on both the 70cl and 1-litre bottles.

“These changes are important for consistency and to communicate quality and drive value into the category,” said Janice McIntosh, Maxxium’s UK marketing manager for Courvoisier. “They unify the range and reflect the … heritage of Courvoisier by magnifying the association with Napoleon,” she said.

A spokesperson for Courvoisier confirmed to just-drinks yesterday (4 October) that the packaging change was global. Courvoisier’s US-based owner, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, plans to change the packaging on other Courvoisier expressions in 2011.

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  • Esco said:

    ITS ABOUT TIME!!! im tried of spending all this money on this cognac and it coming in such a lousy bottle… unlike the VSOP.

    now if courvosier got the METAL foil on the top like the VSOP for the VS… instead of the current PLASTICE on top…. that would be much better! and they need to get better corks!! courvosier corks in general crack up so easily… so u got to finish the bottle ASAP

    but the Hennessy has a nice strong cork with no cracks…. from my personal experience… well see otherwise when this new bottle of courvosier yak comes around! HOLLA!

  • The Boss said:

    The new version got plastic foil on top, just like the old version…

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