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Most Expensive Cognac in the World

5 September 2011 6 Comments

Have you ever heard of the Cognac brand: Maison Dudognon? Well… We also haven’t heard about this Cognac brand so far.

But one thing is for sure, they make the most expensive Cognac in the world! It costs about a whopping 3,4 million dollars! WOW!

Dubbed as the DNA of Cognac, Henri IV Dudognon Heritage is presented in an exquisite bottle. Produced since 1776 it is aged in barrels for more than 100 years.

It’s made of:

  • 6,500 DIAMONDS

Don’t you have the money to buy this Cognac? You can always try to sell it to a friend: “a sponsorship of 100,000 Pounds Sterling has been offered to the person who provides the contact details of the final bonafide purchaser“.

Or buy a cheaper Dudognon Cognac, it seems to be great quality!

The Dudognon family has been producing Cognac since 1776 in tiny Lignières Sonneville at the heart of Cognac’s famed Grande Champagne. With soils composed largely of Campanian chalk, this area is especially renowned for producing brandies of tremendous length.
Dudognon distills about 200 annual barrels of 100% estate, organic Ugni Blanc. Frequently selling young spirits to négociants, Dudognon retains the finest parcels in the estate’s small, rustic chai.

Dudognon eschews the sugar, boisé and caramel additions used so dramatically by commercial brands. Consequently, Dudognon Cognacs are comparatively (misleadingly) light in color with the sweetness of naturally-concentrated fruit; these brandies display extraordinary length.


Réserve (10 yr): Pleasing aromatics include notes of apple, toffee and spice. Soft texture, with additional
notes of vanilla on the palate. Delightful Grande Champagne!
Vieille Réserve (20 yr): Fine rancio note on the nose, along with hints of honey, coffee, and spice. Soft and sweet in the mouth, and with excellent length.
Réserve des Ancestres (30 yr) from Spirit Journal: “…possesses the quality that I’ve come to view as this distiller’s trademark aroma, a bisquity/cakey fragrance that invites the olfactory sense on a delightful journey of discovery… this aroma develops into a full-throttle bouquet as well-defined notes of vanilla, paraffin, and ripe grapes fill the nasal cavity. On the palate, shows a level of mature, oaky depth not detected in the younger Dudognon cognacs. The aftertaste is intensely fruity and sweet, simply gorgeous; a serene, sophisticated Grand Champagne that’s a pleasure to have in the mouth.”
Heritage (40 yr): Lovely rancio with an almond scent. Honeyed, with additional notes of creme brulée. Concentrated sweetness with a hint of toasted coconut on the extremely long finish. La Revue du Vin de France: “Its deep color is an invitation to its pleasure. Everything is sensuous about this magnificent cognac which is exceptionally balanced and complex: chocolatey nose, rich mouthfeel, and creamy and persistent length. *****”
Medaille d’Or (a blend of the 1946 and 1947 distillations): Deep amber with gold highlights. Substantial
fruit (preserved orange, apricot) balanced by notes of advanced rancio (walnut). Retains plenty of attack, and finishes with outstanding length that recurs in flavor-drenched waves. La Revue du Vin de France: “Splendid amber color. This bottle gained the admiration of the entire jury with its tremendous nose of linden, buttered toffee and spice. Aristocratic eau de vie, lively, and showing all the race and class of a true Grand Champagne. In the mouth, it’s rich, deep and borders on being perfect.”

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  • Kiran said:

    Don’t mean to be rude but this is kind of old news. The link http://stylecrave.com/2009-05-01/best-cognac-10-of-the-worlds-most-expensive-cognacs/ provides a top 10 list of the worlds most expensive cognac, with above mentioned cognac ranking #1 in the list of course.

  • Wouter (author) said:

    Thanks for your comment!
    We personally think this article is not news but a interesting fact everyone should know… But you are right that this fact was already known for a while 😉

    What do you think about the design and ofcourse the price? ;-D

  • Kiran said:

    The design of the bottle is magnificent, although the price is based on the value of the bottle and not the content. Most cognacs hit their peak around 70 years of aging, then they start losing their quality again. That doesn’t mean I’m not curious about tasting this one though 😉 This may be an exceptional Paradis/Hors d’Age

    I must say thay my personal preference goes out to the glass/crystal decanters. They give a more elegant and sophisticated look to a very special cognac. I think the colour is a very important factor so that probably explains my preference.

    What is your opinion on the design and price?

  • Wouter (author) said:

    It’s clearly overpriced alot, platinum is only $60.000,- per KG. The bottle weights around 4KG.

    The 6.500 diamonds are very small, so these won’t cost you very much either.

    I think a price of $500.000,- is fair for a bottle (without the content) like this.

    The content with an aging of 100yo could be over-aged, but maybe they selected a barrel with less oak-influences and from a special place (place is very important with aging, with some places it is possible to age the Cognac much longer than regular).

    The content should be worth around $10.000,-…

    Tesseron and Grosperrin offers some special very old Cognacs for much less than this 3.4 million dollar bottle… 😀

  • Kiran said:

    Very true, the value is mainly determined by the eye of the beholder 🙂 I wonder who would be willing to pay such a huge amount

    Thanks for the advice. I’ll take a look at your suggestions to see what they have to offer but I’m pretty sure it’ll cost me a lot less 😀

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