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Michel Forgeron VSOP – Cognac Review

17 January 2013 3 Comments

Michel-Forgeron-VSOPMichel Forgeron VSOP is a Grande Champagne Cognac bottled at 43% with a great taste!  Michel Forgeron started in 1965 with the creation of Grande Champagne Cognacs, today his son Christophe Forgeron is responsible for the blending of their Cognacs.

Some significant cornerstones of the Michel Forgeron Cognac:

– No caramel is used;
– It is distilled in small series;
– Long aging in oak, without additives such as oak chips;
– Reducing the Cognac to a drinkable level is done in a very quiet way;
– There is not necessarily bottled at 40%, it is bottled at the strength that the creators honored to make the drink.

The VSOP from this brand is a true Grande Champagne, as usual this offers wonderful aromas. Forgeron actually uses the “Remy Martin” method in distilling. This means that the wine is distilled including the sediments. This method of distillation gives a richer flavor.

The tasting notes of Michel Forgeron VSOP are:

The color: old gold with a deep-red color.
The nose: GC aromatic nose with lots of spice, leather, candied fruit, orange pulp, vanilla and flowers (iris).
The taste: smooth and pleasant at 43%, with vanilla, flowers, white pepper and some herbs. Very good complexity for a VSOP.
The after-taste: quite long for a VSOP Cognac.
The origin: Grande Champagne
The Age: average of 10 years old.
The price: 32 euros via the Internet by the creators themselves.
Price / quality ratio: a 8+. Great Grande Champagne VSOP Cognac.

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  • Peter Bowyer said:

    Forgeron produce excellent cognacs – as you say. They also have a small range of single vintage cognacs, some now quite old. All really good stuff!

  • Pierre said:

    I am very happy to see some review of Forgeron cognacs on the web, I visited the estate this summer and their cognacs are some of the best cognacs I’ve tried, especially for relatively low prices !
    Definitely something to try, especially if you want to have something a bit above the 40% standard.

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