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Meukow VS

17 July 2011 3 Comments

Presented in a unique bottle decorated with a black panther, the Meukow VS is one of the most beautiful VS-bottles on the market!
Meukow VS Cognac offers much higher distinctive tasting qualities than the average VS.  Lots of tones of vanilla flavor due to the aging in oak barrels are noticeable.
This VS-Cognac is a lot softer in taste compared to the 90-proof Meukow VS that I described earlier on CognacFans.



The cognac house Meukow is one of the few big cognac houses still holding on to the structure of the family business. To be able to keep up with the competition, the family created the Compagnie de Guyenne (CDG) in 1969, an umbrella company that Meukow is today part of and which includes a number of smaller cognac houses associated with Meukow, Réau, Foucauld, Meukow, Georges-Courant, Brugerolle, Rouyer-Guillet, (Saintes), Favreau, Richard (Saint-Jean-d’Angély).

In 1862 Karl and August Meukow from former Silesia traveled to Charente in the name of the Russian Tsar at the time. They were supposed to select Cognac from the region. In the same year they founded the cognac house Meukow and never returned to Russia. Since then, Meukow has built on a strong history of family members to run the business. Today, Philippe Coste is Meukow’s CEO and is assisted by Claude Brugerolle, the company’s head of sales.  The distillery at Matha is housed at the historical estate of Brugerolle in the Charente Maritime.

The famous logo of the luxury cognac brand is the black panther, which can be seen on all its products. This ‘mascot’, designed by Michel Coste (Philippe’s father), was created in 1995.

The tasting notes of Meukow VS are:

The color: old gold, with brilliant shades of copper.
The nose: full aromas, vanilla, with hints of raisins, dried fruits, spices and the smell of alcohol.
The taste: wood tones (vanilla) of the smaller oak barrels used in aging, warm compote / fruit, dried flowers and herbs
The after-taste: a long and warm after-taste, mineral-like calling at.
Age: 6 years on average.
The price: 28 euros.
The Conclusion: The price is quite high. Quality is very good for a VS-Cognac.

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