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Meukow VS – 90 Proof

4 August 2010 2 Comments

This Meukow 90 proof cognac contains an higher alcohol content than most of the well-known cognacs. 5 percent/10 proof more!

To my knowledge this is one of the only VS quality Cognacs sold with such high alcohol content.

There are some very old vat-strength Cognacs and of course one of my favorites Cognacs the Daniel Bouju Royal 60% with an higher alcohol content.

The packaging of this cognac is black made of a plastic with a soft touch. Nice is also the transparent leopard.

This cognac is a real VS qualtiy, quite sharp and less refined.

The tasting notes of Meukow 90 Proof are:

The color: golden, darker than the average VS cognac.
The fragrance: rich aromas of dried fruits, the higher alcohol content is immediately noticeable.
The taste: a old woody flavor, which is not often recognizable with a VS quality Cognac..
The after-taste: a long strong taste in the mouth.
The price / quality ratio: a 6.5.

Proof is a measure of the amount of ethanol (ethyl alcohol) in an alcoholic beverage, and is about twice the alcohol content. This measure is widely used in the United States.

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