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Meukow Vanilla – Cognac with vanilla

19 December 2011 One Comment

The Meukow Vanilla is made of Meukow VS-Cognac and natural vanilla-extracts. The aroma’s are beautiful for a drink like this (it’s not a Cognac).

The good thing about this Meukow Vanilla are it’s soft and gentle tast, but also the masculinity of a Fine VS Cognac. Very Nice!

This liquor contains a alcohol perentage of 30%, slightly lower than the minimum requirements of a Cognac (40%).

The Meukow Vanilla is best served on some ice-cubes.

After tasting this Vanilla liquor I had to confess it is one of the best Cognac based liquors tasted so far. Especially because of the high level of Cognac content inside and it’s Cognac taste which is good recognizable.

This bottle is simply a gorgeous piece of work, it’s a frosted glass bottle in an unusual shape, with the Meukow panther in reverse relief, wrapped around the bottle. Beautiful!

The tasting notes of this Meukow Vanilla Cognac are:

Nose / Taste: sweet vanilla with the taste of Cognac on the back-side. Also a nice aroma of sour-grapes on the back-ground. The nose is like a sweet perfume!

After-taste: very long for a liquor like this, with nice tones of Cognac.



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  • Patricia Drollinger said:

    I loved the slight sweet taste it after taste. I love vanilla. This one actually taste actually ? very happy with it.

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