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Meukow Celebrates its 150th Anniversary (1862-2012)

18 August 2012 No Comment

On 1 August 1862, Auguste-Christophe and Gustave Meukow created the cognac that bears their name. These two brothers had been sent by the Tsar Alexander II to ensure the supply of cognac to the Russian court. 150 years later, Meukow is one of the larger Cognac Trading houses. 

The Maison Meukow changed hands a number of times until in 1979 Michel Coste acquired it.

Meukow organized a party for 250 guests from 27 countries that will toast to the success of Meukow.

Recent agreement (July 2012) with Puy Gaudin in jointly making a brand of Pineau des Charentes taking 30% of the total market of Pineau des Charentes (total is about 100,000 hecto/year).

The company employs 84 people Guyenne in total. Its turnover is 42 million euros (50% cognac, brandy 25%, 15% Pineau, 10% in other products). 

“After the big four, we are well positioned in the pack following. It progresses unhurriedly and without leapfrog. Like a good cognac “ philosopher Philippe Coste, who will at the same party tonight: “This is a unique moment for a family. We will be friends. “

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